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Who’s Martin Luther King Jr 

On Monday, January 20, the USA would celebrate Martin Luther King Day. And though his actual birthday is on January 15, the US celebrates third Monday of every January in his honour.  But do you know who’s Martin Luther King Jr? Today we live in a free world. A world without boundaries and discriminations. Today […]

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All about Tanjore Painting 

Tanjore is a style of painting from the town of Thanjavur in Southern part of India. During the 1600s, the resources found and extracted from within the earth was in abundance. The kings, merchants, and elite class quickly realized the potential of gold, the malleable precious metal that can be used in various ways from […]

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Make way for robot priest 

The world is going tech-friendly, then why should religion stay behind?  A 400-year-old temple in Japan is trying to rekindle interest in Buddhism with a robotic priest. The temple authorities believe the robot will change the face of the religion.  The android Kannon, based on the Buddhist deity of mercy, preaches sermons at Kodaiji temple […]

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Dolittle did a little too much!

Robert Downey, Jr. talks to the animals and hits a career-low in cinematic chaos that will leave children sad and confused, and adults scratching their heads. And really,  what’s with the accent? I am pretty sure kids are not going to comprehend most of it. “Dolittle” is mildly entertaining, silly and more than a little […]

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Unicorn puppy says hello! 

Pups are adorable. We all like to play with them, and they are so good to cuddle. But there’s one pup who’s getting some extra attention, and the reason is his extra tail.  Yes, Narwhal has an extra tail, and it’s right in the middle of his head! The caregivers are calling him unicorn pup, […]

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Tennis: Serena Williams first win in three years 

It has been three years since tennis star Serena Williams won any title. The drought finally came to an end when she lifted the trophy at the ASB Classic after defeating fellow American Jessica Pegula 6-3, 6-4. She donated all her $43,000 (around Rs30 lacs) prize money to Australian bushfire relief. The 38-year-old is mom […]

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A Toy story wedding! 

We all love our animated heroes… we wear them on our tees, drink chocolate milk shake from mugs with photos of them, even have keychains and badges of our heroes. But only a true fan can do what this lady did. Lindsay Ashton is a die-hard fan of Toy Story movies… so what even we […]

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5-year-old makes record in taekwondo 

You would think a 5-year-old would be more interested in jumping in ball pits or sliding from helter skelter. Think again. Because this 5-year-old boy is already making world records. Aashman Taneja from Hyderabad has made a Guinness world record in Taekwondo for the most full contact knee strikes in one-hour non-stop.  Aashman is an […]

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Manila is covered in volcanic ash 

If anyone doubted the environmental threats, it’s time to change their minds now. While the bushfires in Australia are still raging, another country is gearing to fight another natural calamity.  A volcano ready to erupt A volcano near the Philippine capital Manila has been spewing lava into the sky and trembling constantly. The earthquakes are […]

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Cricket: Ben Stoke is the best player of the year 

The International Cricket Council has named its winners of the year. And anyone who knows anything about cricket understands that these awards are what Oscars are for the entertainment industry.  The prestigious award Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy for World Player of the Year has gone to England’s Ben Stokes.  India too has its shining star […]