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Australia fire: More than 4,000 people trapped 

It’s not a very pleasant start to a new year for some holidaymakers in Australia. More than 4,000 tourists and locals are trapped near a seaside in the town Mallacoota, Victoria, where the fire has encircled the whole area except the beach.  Many people left their houses and hotels to take refuge near the seaside […]

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World’s oldest fossil forest uncovered in US 

Trees are the future and they are also our past. Scientists have discovered remnants of the world’s oldest fossil forest — an extensive network of trees around 386 million years old — in a sandstone quarry in the US. The fossil forest in Cairo would have spread from New York all the way into Pennsylvania […]

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Give trash and ride on metro in this city 

Don’t have enough cash to pay for metro ride? No problem. Just collect few plastic bottles and Rome metro would let you travel without money. Actually, these plastic trash bottles are the money here.  A standard ticket — valid for one metro ride or 100 minutes on all buses allowing transfers — costs 1.50 euros […]

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Coolest Lego help in quantum physics! 

How we love our Legos. Those tiny pieces of puzzles and blocks which can create supersize buildings and models. And as if they weren’t cool enough, scientists are making them coolest to get some answers for science.  They wanted to see how these beloved children’s toy would react when cooled to the lowest temperature humanly […]

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Tiniest treat: World’s smallest gingerbread house 

Christmas inspires creativity among bakers and artists but have you heard about the smallest gingerbread house? Yes, a ginger house smaller than the thickness of human hair!  Travis Casagrande, an Electron Microscopy researcher in Ontario, carved the elaborately detailed decoration. Using an electron microscope, the expert carved the world’s smallest ‘gingerbread’ house, replete with a […]

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Cricket: India beat West Indies, Kohli highest run getter this year 

India beat West Indies by four wickets to clinch the ODI series. The 316-run chase wasn’t easy but Kohli and Company proves once again that India is the top team right now. But what is more interesting that winning the series, and has been garnering newspaper headlines, is the fact that captain Virat Kohli continues […]

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10 amazing facts you didn’t know about Christmas

Prince Albert of Germany introduced the Christmas tree to his new wife, Queen Victoria of England, and the tradition really took off. A drawing of the couple in front of a Christmas tree appeared in the Illustrated London News way back in 1848 and as we say today, the idea went viral. Santa has its […]

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Blog: Let there be light

Christmas morning can be pretty sweet, thanks to the cookies for breakfast, presents left by Santa under the tree, and bonding time with family and friends But did you know , Christmas did not begin with Jesus. Its deepest mysteries go back to the very beginnings. . . . Stonehenge in England, aligned with the […]

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Don’t miss these films this Christmas 

Now that you’re all warmed up in a blanket with your presents by your side, it’s time to enjoy some family time. And what’s more fun than watching a heartwarming movie with your loved ones. So here are a few choices for you… ElfThere are many lessons to be learned from Buddy the Elf, played […]

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Christmas wreath

The christmas wreath has been a significant symbol for Christmas. We remember it being hung on doors, walls, on Christmas trees, at the altar of the Lord or even a tomb. The circle is a symbol of eternity. Of never ending circle of youth, vitality and energy. We make wreaths out of fresh leaves, twigs, […]