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Ghazala Hashmi is first Muslim woman in Virginia Senate

Indian-American Ghazala Hashmi, a former community college professor, created history by becoming the first Muslim woman to be elected to the Virginia State Senate. Four Indian Americans have won state and local elections held in the United States on Tuesday. Suhas Subramanyam, who served as the White House technology policy adviser to former President Barack […]

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Pakistani boy makes world record

People make all sorts of world record. And though the Spelling Bees and other bigger contests may see a lot of foreign faces from developed countries, Indian subcontinent is not that far behind. An 11-year-old boy from Pakistan made an entry into the Guinness Book of Records for a very unique skill. Aima’az was able […]

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Conquering mountains in 190 days

Nirmal Purja has created history by scaling the world’s 14 highest peaks in a record 190 days after he climbed Mt Shishapangma in China last week. The 36-year-old Nepali mountaineer, known as Nims, broke the previous record of a South Korean climber, Kim Chang-ho, who achieved the feat in 2003 to scale all the peaks […]

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First woman PM for Belgium

Sophie Wilmès has become the first woman prime minister of Belgium.  Belgium’s King Philippe named Sophie Wilmes as the interim prime minister on Sunday, creating history. The Liberal Francophone politician replaces caretaker Prime Minister Charles Michel, who will take over as European Council president in December. Wilmes, 44, takes up the role without a parliamentary […]

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What is Kartarpur Corridor?

India and Pakistan are not friendly neighbours. There’s always tension across the border. But there are times of peace and harmony too. And Kartarpur Corridor is trying to achieve just that. Let’s read what it is all about… India and Pakistan have signed a deal that will allow pilgrims from India to visit one of […]

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Brexit hangs till next year

The wait on Brexit result just got longer. The European Union leaders have agreed to extend Brexit until 31 January 2020. This means the UK will not leave as planned in October.  EU Council President Donald Tusk said it was a “flextension” – meaning the UK could leave before the deadline if a deal was […]

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Canada: Trudeau to form govt with Singh

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will remain in power but with a minority government.  Indian-origin Canadian politician Jagmeet Singh, whose New Democratic Party (NDP) won 24 seats in the general election, will join hands with Trudeau’s Liberal Party to form the government.  Trudeau’s Liberal Party won win 157 seats, 13 short of a majority. The […]

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Some more sleep for Californian school students

Every morning waking up is a task. If only we could sleep a few minutes more! Well, children in California could do that now. California has just become the first state to push back school start time so students can get more sleep. Governor Gavin Newsom signed the bill into law, preventing high school classes […]

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India-born wins Nobel Prize in Economics

Indian-American Abhijit Banerjee, his wife Esther Duflo and American economist Michael Kremer jointly won the 2019 Nobel Economics Prize on Monday “for their experimental approach to alleviating global poverty.” The research conducted by the 2019 Economic Sciences Laureates has considerably improved our ability to fight global poverty. In just two decades, their new experiment-based approach […]

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New continent found!

A new continent has been discovered hidden under Southern Europe. The geologists found it after analysing all the mountain ranges from Spain to Iran in detail for 10 years. The lost continent named, Greater Adria, emerged about 240 million years ago, after it broke off from Gondwana, a southern supercontinent made up of Africa, Antarctica, […]