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How Indian kings used to preserve their heritage with Art! 

Architecture: The Architecture of Ancient India gives us guidance of the natural phenomena of the earth’s life force and functional use of these structures.  ~ The mystery of Ajanta caves. ~ Taj Mahal ~ The Humayun Tomb. the grandeur of the Vijayanagara Empire- ~ Hampi. ~ Lord Buddha gained enlightenment- Mahabodhi Temples. ~ An ode […]

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Indian women’s cricket team enters World Cup 2021 

The Indian women’s cricket team has qualified for the ODI World Cup 2021 after ICC Women’s Championship Technical Committee decided that teams will share points in all three series in the ICC Women’s Championship that did not take place during the competition window. The host of the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2021, New Zealand, […]

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Colleges shut? No problem, robots would help you graduate 

Schools and colleges are shut due to Coronavirus and it’s just not possible to venture out. This also means that many students are missing out on their year-end graduation ceremonies. But Japan has a way out.  A Tokyo university — Business Breakthrough University (BBT)— has used avatar robots to enable students to “attend” their graduation […]

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Did NASA find a second Earth? 

The mysteries of the universe are still unravelling, and we are amazed by the discoveries scientists make everyday! It has come to light that the US space agency, NASA, may have come across a planet similar to earth. Reanalyzed data from NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope, being used by a team of scientists, has led to […]

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Giant string creature found off Australia 

At first sight it may look like an innocent string floating on the water. But it’s not. It’s a giant sea creature! Scientists on a research vessel spotted a giant creature that has been compared to a mass of silly string floating off western Australia. Researchers aboard the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s ship Falkor stumbled upon […]

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How did kings and kingdoms preserve their heritage through Art? 

During the rule of Kings and Queens, the method of communication was very limited. There were human messengers, written scrolls, word of mouth and Art. Using Art as a method was used to pass down legendary stories through many many states and countries as well as generations. Lets learn about how different countries and kingdoms […]

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Someone put Statue of Unity on sale for Rs30,000 crore! 

We are witnessing some weird outcomes of Coronavirus! An unknown man tried to sell the Statue of Unity for Rs30,000 crore to meet the expenses for hospitals and medical infrastructure to fight the coronavirus outbreak. The sale was proposed on an online platform called OLX. The description of the listing in the website said: “‘Emergency! […]

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Tiger tests positive for covid 19

A tiger at the Bronx Zoo in New York City has tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19, and six other big cats are exhibiting symptoms consistent with the illness. The Malayan tiger, named Nadia, likely contracted the coronavirus from an infected—but unknown—asymptomatic zookeeper. The zoo has been closed to visitors since March 16. […]

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Teachers dress up as Spiderman to cheer up kids 

As children all over the world are confined to their homes due to lockdown, there are few people who try to bring some cheer to them.  Two martial arts teachers from England dressed up as Spiderman in order to cheer up the kids. The teachers named Jason Baird and Andrew Baldock were seen entertaining kids […]

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Nepal makes Yoga a school subject 

We all benefit from yoga, and why not. India is the birthplace of this amazing exercise routine. Yoga not only keeps you fit physically but also helps your mind to stay calm and composed.  Now Nepal’s government has asked students in grades four through eight to take yoga classes. The government says the classes will […]