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Ghazala Hashmi is first Muslim woman in Virginia Senate

Indian-American Ghazala Hashmi, a former community college professor, created history by becoming the first Muslim woman to be elected to the Virginia State Senate. Four Indian Americans have won state and local elections held in the United States on Tuesday. Suhas Subramanyam, who served as the White House technology policy adviser to former President Barack […]

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11,000 scientists agree about climate emergency

Even the most intelligent have come together to declare a climate emergency. A new report by 11,258 scientists in 153 countries from a broad range of disciplines warns that the planet “clearly and unequivocally faces a climate emergency,” and provides six broad policy goals that must be met to address it. The study, called the […]

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Voyager 2 is out of Sun’s influence

More than four decades after beginning its epic journey, NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft has crossed the elusive boundary that marks the edge of the Sun’s realm and the start of interstellar space. Voyager 2 has become the second human-made object to journey out of the Sun’s influence, following the Voyager 1’s solar exit in 2012. […]

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Fancy an air taxi?

Traffic jams are inevitable. If you live in any metropolis and travel at least once a day, you know what we’re talking about. But what about air taxis? Fancy one? German start-up Volocopter, which made the world’s first manned, fully electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft in 2011, has just announced plans for a new […]

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Conquering mountains in 190 days

Nirmal Purja has created history by scaling the world’s 14 highest peaks in a record 190 days after he climbed Mt Shishapangma in China last week. The 36-year-old Nepali mountaineer, known as Nims, broke the previous record of a South Korean climber, Kim Chang-ho, who achieved the feat in 2003 to scale all the peaks […]

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Watch: Tiger comes too close during safari

An Indian Forest Officer shared a video of a tiger coming uncomfortably too close to a gypsy during a jungle safari.  IFS officer Susanta Nanda while sharing the video explained that it is important to be sensitive “to the space required for this majestic animal” and avoid intruding in its area. The driver of the […]

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More Earth-like planets possible in Universe

A new research suggests that there may be more earth-like planets in the universe than we thought.  A new study by UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) scientists suggests that Earth-like planets are not uncommon in the universe. The study is the first to look in detail at the chemistry of rocky exoplanets to determine […]

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A breather for atmosphere

There maybe a breath of fresh air for environmentalists. Literally. A new technology can capture carbon dioxide from a stream of air, even if it’s very concentrated.  The researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US said that while most methods of removing carbon dioxide from a stream of gas required higher […]

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NASA’s robot to search for water on moon

NASA will send a golf cart-sized robot to the moon in 2022 to search for deposits of water below the surface. This is an effort to evaluate if there’s water on the moon and if it’s there, it would be helpful to the astronauts going to the moon in 2024.  The VIPER robot will drive […]

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How ice age animals got extinct

Archaeologists have found new evidence that an extraterrestrial body crashed to Earth almost 13,000 years ago that caused the extinction of many large animals. This crash also led to human population decline. The Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis proposes that an asteroid or comet hit the Earth about 12,800 years ago, causing a period of extreme […]