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Coolest Lego help in quantum physics! 

How we love our Legos. Those tiny pieces of puzzles and blocks which can create supersize buildings and models. And as if they weren’t cool enough, scientists are making them coolest to get some answers for science.  They wanted to see how these beloved children’s toy would react when cooled to the lowest temperature humanly […]

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ISRO launches India’s spy satellite

The Indian Space Research Organisation launched country’s new spy satellite in space this week.  Developed by ISRO, RISAT-2BR1 is a radar imaging earth observation satellite and apart from being used for military purposes, it has applications in fields such as agriculture and disaster management support. It also launched nine other commercial satellites. The other satellites […]

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Meet the 18,000-year-old puppy

Russian researchers have discovered the body of a canine in eastern Siberia that’s been completely preserved and frozen with its nose, fur and teeth intact. Researchers from Sweden’s Centre for paleogenetics used radiocarbon dating on the specimen’s rib bone and found the specimen to be frozen for 18,000 years.  They have named the specimen as […]

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Antarctica’s first green research centre

We all know that Antarctica is the most inhospitable place to be. The researchers and scientists working there fight cold weather all round the year. It is also true that so much research needs a lot use of fossil fuel and leaves carbon footprints.  Now the Princess Elisabeth Research Station in Antarctica has become the […]

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Sugar rocks found in space show origin of life on earth

For the first time ever, an international team has found sugars essential to life in meteorites. This supports the theory that chemical reactions in asteroids can make some of life’s ingredients. If correct, meteorite bombardment on ancient Earth may have assisted the origin of life with a supply of life’s building blocks, according to NASA. […]

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Mercury just passed Sun, and we saw it from Earth!

For the last time in this decade, Mercury has passed in front of the Sun in what’s known as a transit – a rare chance to see a planet crossing the face of the Earth. The transit would happen again in 20132, and maybe visible from Asia and Australia also. And though it was a […]

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In pics: First floating nuclear plant in Russia

Akademik Lomonosov is Russia’s first floating nuclear power plant, complete with two loaded nuclear reactors. It reached the port of Pevek, an Arctic town across from Alaska, on September 14. From there, it will start generating enough electricity for an estimated 100,000 homes. The plant could spur other nations to acquire floating nuclear power plants […]

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Mars, here we come!

The prototype is ready. But do you want to go to Mars? Entrepreneur Elon Musk unveiled a prototype of Spaceship that would carry humans to Mars.  “This is basically the holy grail of space,” Musk said. Musk’s company SpaceX manufactures rockets and space-related stuff, but his most ambitious dream is to colonise Mars. And he […]

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Jupiter has a black hole!

New images shared by NASA’s Juno spacecraft show a massive black hole on the surface of Jupiter. Astrophysicists have been studying Black Holes for quite some time now. The pictures were taken after Juno’s orbit took it close to the gas giant planet. Juno was around 8,000 kilometres from the surface when its JunoCam took […]

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Meet: Nasa’s Orbiter in search of Vikram lander

On Tuesday, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter flew over the Chandrayaan-2 lander Vikram’s landing site on the Moon. It took photos of spacecraft that has been silent since its attempt to land on the lunar surface a few days ago. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is operated by the United States space agency National Aeronautics and Space […]

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