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Orchestra helps deaf people hear Beethoven!

Music has no boundaries, so why should anyone be devoid of a beautiful piece? That too of the famous Beethoven!  In the sweetest gesture, Budapest’s Danubia orchestra is helping people ‘hear’ and literally feel Beethoven’s famous Fifth Symphony. The performers are positioned in a way that allows the audience members with the most severe hearing […]

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Record your dance steps and send it to us… 

Because they are unique! Yes, as according to a recent study,  a person’s dance movements are a kind of fingerprint, each person has a unique movement signature that stays the same no matter what kind of music is playing. So you maybe dancing to disco or hip hop or just grooving to a Bollywood number, […]

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Kids make music to beat winter blues 

Ever wondered if you are cut off from the world, and have to live with only a couple of people around you and snow. Scary right? People living in Wapekaka in Canada have to struggle through this loneliness throughout the year. And it becomes more difficult in winters. Wapekeka First Nation has a population of […]

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MTV Awards: Winners take it all!

MTV Awards: Winners take it all! The MTV Video Music Award 2019 was a highly anticipated occasion for the music industry and the world by and large! It was a spectacular star-studded night filled with great melodies, happy faces and glitz and glam.  But who won best video music award of the year? Were there […]

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Birthday Special: A list of Michael Jackson’s chartbusters

Born with rhythm in his feet, exceptional storytelling and a sensational vocal range, Michael Jackson reigned as the King Of Pop of in the music industry and truly lived up to his title!  He stunned audiences across the world with entertainment packed performances through his signature dance moves such as the moonwalk, his anti gravity […]