Who We Are

My coup is a community for kids to read, write and participate in shaping their own future. Every Friday, news articles covering a wide range of topics are uploaded. Doctors, nutritionists, artists, authors, amongst many other professionals contribute their expertise for kids to learn and enjoy! With subjects that cover everything from space, science and endangered species to sport and entertainment, the articles are written to engage even the most reluctant reader. It provides an exciting nonfiction experience for children, complete with valuable literary tools for the classroom.

Our Team


Experiencing childhood all over again, this time as a mother to a girl and a boy- it was the demoralizing shenanigans around us that got me to realize the need for positive writing. Segregating the positive, informative and inspiring news from the negative ones, with research-i look forward to build a safe community for our little ones.


I’m a designer and developer who loves to create clean and minimalistic interfaces-be it for websites or- using the most modern technologies. With this website, i hope to bring my passion to the kids and make their experience enjoyable as well as interactive. Usually you would find me enjoying an amazing ride on my bike or in my car, when I’m not doing the design and web thingy.


I am a full-time mother and part-time journalist. After working in the media industry for more than 12 years with publications like Economic Times, DNA and Free Press Journal, I decided to concentrate few years with my daughter, who’s growing a bit too fast. But you can’t keep journalist away from writing, hence here I am… writing news stories for the little ones like mine and making sure they understand that the world around them is a happy and safe place to be, whatever dailies say.

Our Contributors

Farhana Madar

With a degree in Mass Media Communication, Farhana Madar has been writing for The Free Press Journal newspaper while contributing content for fashion brand SHEIN.

Kinjal Trivedi

India-based and California-studied artist Kinjal Trivedi creates Abstract Paintings and Nature Landscape on large canvas using her knowledge of art history, science and experiences of road trips.

Apoorva Joshi

Computer engineer-turned-nutrition coach, Apoorva Joshi guides patients with lifestyle management for diseases and weight loss. She is currently working with the renowned endocrinologist Dr Nadeem Rais in Mumbai.