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Learn more about wildlife by visiting these national parks

We just celebrated World Wildlife Day on March 3, to create awareness about flora and fauna around us. This year, under the theme ‘Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet’, the day is celebrated as a way to highlight the role of forests, forest species and ecosystems services in sustaining the livelihoods of hundreds of […]

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Are you a Frozen fan? Then don’t miss a visit to this village

Any fan of the film Frozen would vouch for its beautiful town and picturesque locales. The snow-capped mountains, the shimmering lakes and the white layer of ice was as much alluring as the characters and stories. And to be able to visit a place like that would be a dream come true for a Frozen […]

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Is Hyperloop the future of transport?

Eight years ago when SpaceX boss Elon Musk suggested the idea of hyperloop, nobody imagined that it would become real so soon. Businessman Richard Branson’s Virgin Hyperloop successfully conducted the first human test of a hyperloop system recently, and it has given hope to a better transport technology to the world. What’s Hyperloop? The Hyperloop […]

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Live in a bubble, for real! 

Even as social distancing is becoming a norm, the tourism industry is looking at new ways to boost their business.  A secluded retreat in South Iceland caters to guests who want to be surrounded by nature—and you will be literally immersed in it, staying in your own private bubble nestled in the forest. You can […]

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Oldest Egyptian pyramid reopens, but nobody can visit it yet 

If you’re interested in history and archeology, then this news is for you.  The Egyptian authorities have reopened the 4,700-year-old step pyramid of Djoser to the public after years of renovation. The roughly 60m-high pyramid dominates the vast Saqqara necropolis south of Cairo and is part of the ancient capital of Memphis, a Unesco World […]

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These dinosaurs are so real! 

Next time you visit England, don’t forget to pay a visit to this park. Dozens of life-size dinosaurs which roar and have realistic skin have arrived at a safari park to form a new permanent exhibition. More than 20 models, including velociraptors, a diplodocus and a T-Rex with a “terrifying roar”, will be installed in […]

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Pompeii’s 2,300-year-old drains can be used even today! 

Pompeii’s ancient drainage system is in such good condition that it is set to be put back into active service, despite being built almost 2,300 years ago. A 1,500ft stretch of tunnels underneath some of the famed Italian city’s most iconic structures was originally built to drain water downhill away from Pompeii’s centre.  Analysis of […]

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Mughal Garden awaits you this Spring

Every year the President of India opens the doors to his palatial home in New Delhi for the citizens. Rashtrapati Bhavan’s Mughal Garden is one of the major attractions for the common folks in Delhi during this season — the Spring.  Long rows of dark pink “Modern Art” roses juxtaposed with white, full-bodied “IceBerg”, patches […]

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Lost and found: Cities of the world

They were famous and flourishing cities in ancient era. But got lost over a period of time. A sudden discovery or a dedicated archeologist then found these amazing lost cities of the world.  Vijayanagara, India In 1799 Scottish army officer Colin Mackenzie accidentally came across ancient ruins in the Deccan Plateau area of southern India. […]

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This underwater park is a must-visit 

Green trees, benches, pathways, flower beds… sounds like any neighbourhood park. But it isn’t. This park around Green Lake near Tragoess village in Austria turns into an underwater park every summer. Yes, you could dive into the park! The lake is surrounded by the snowed peaks of Hochschwab Mountains and forests that create a place […]

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