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A space station which is UNDER water!

Ever wondered why there are more humans who have ventured into space than those who have explored the deep trenches on earth? The answer is simple. It’s much more complicated. And much more difficult to stay alive under water. Now a duo have come up with an ambitious plan to create an underwater research station […]

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s a flying car! 

Be it cartoon or comic books or even superheroe movies, there’s one thing we keep on seeing which can rarely be witnessed in the real world: A flying car. But there are many companies and persistent engineers who are not giving up to bring the fantasy into real life.  Israel-based Urban Aeronautics company is developing […]

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This robo dog reminds you to maintain social distancing 

The Coronavirus pandemic is not over, but the countries have started easing the lockdown. People have been advised to maintain social distancing and follow hygiene protocols.  But many times it’s not followed. We tend to forget that we’re still living in an infected environment. To make people remember to maintain social distancing, the Singapore government […]

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This scooter would fit in your backpack! 

We all know how useful backpacks are. We could carry anything in them — books, blankets, clothes, shoes, food, scooter… yes, you can also carry a scooter in your backpack! Compact enough to fit inside a backpack and capable of inflating with an electric pump in under a minute, the scooter is called Poimo, which […]

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Robots at your service! 

A restaurant in the Netherlands is turning to robots to help serve customers while still complying with social-distancing guidelines. The restaurant-owner Shaosong Hu is deploying the robotic waiters at his restaurant in the Dutch beachside town of Renesse to pick up dishes, serve food, and greet customers with ‘hello and welcome’ once the restaurant reopens […]

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Taste any flavour without actually eating the food 

Scientists at the Meiji University in Japan have come up with something they call a “taste display”. The device can create the taste of any chosen flavor when it is pressed against the tongue. Humans are able to identify different flavors through the taste buds on their tongues. Taste buds have tiny openings that take […]

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Vending machine for masks 

The Hong Kong property development conglomerate New World Development (NWD) has just launched 35 vending machines dispensing 10 million free surgical face masks in the city to help combat the coronavirus pandemic.  NWD partnered with eight local NGOs to place the machines across all 18 districts in Hong Kong, which will distribute a set of […]

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Facebook launches messenger app for kids 

Facebook rolled out its Messenger Kids application to 70 new countries, saying it can help children deal with the challenges of distance learning and isolation during the virus lockdowns. The app, which is aimed at children under 13, will also be adding a “supervised friending” feature enabling parents to approve new connections, starting in the […]

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Colleges shut? No problem, robots would help you graduate 

Schools and colleges are shut due to Coronavirus and it’s just not possible to venture out. This also means that many students are missing out on their year-end graduation ceremonies. But Japan has a way out.  A Tokyo university — Business Breakthrough University (BBT)— has used avatar robots to enable students to “attend” their graduation […]

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Apple and Google come together to fight Coronovirus

They are rivals but have teamed up for a good cause. Silicon Valley giants Apple and Google would come together which will enable health authorities to better track COVID-19 patients, and alert people who’ve been in contact with them, which could provide significant help in containing the virus. Apple and Google will provide tools that […]