Alternative art supplies 

Hope all the kids and their loved ones are safe in these times.

You know one of the biggest lessons we are learning so far is that in reality we are self sufficient. We as humans don’t need much to sustain and live a long and healthy life. All the materials we have around us is only to enhance our senses.

Today we can learn about what elements we can use that are already present around us to make beautiful art.

Lets begin with what we can paint on.

The base.

The most obvious daily material that comes to my mind is newspaper to sketch on. You can use sketch pens, charcoal sticks, pencils or even any simple ballpoint pen. Remember, the aim is to practice form and structure when you are making art. Just in case you don’t have as many paints in the house at the moment. This is the best time to learn to enhance the base of any drawing. Which is making circles and straight lines. This practice will be used in any field that you choose later on in life. Engineering, architecture, and of course, Illustration!

Another material you can use is old paper bags to make masks and hand puppets.

Remember we learnt about masks from around the world? This is the best time to make one that most expresses your personality.

One of my favorites is using old books that can be intricately carved out to make beautiful sculptures. Using different styles of folding paper while not tearing any of the pages out. This style is challenging as well as brain teasing!

Let me know what you come up with using any of these sustainable methods.