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Koalas are in danger, and people are coming to help them 

One of the most iconic animals of Australia is koala bear, and the raging bushfire has affected their population. Many videos surfaced where the animals were yelping for help. A large number of koalas have died in the fires.  But there are Samaritans ready to help and save. People from all over the world have […]

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Villagers knit jumbo jackets for elephants 

Winters are here. North India is already wrapped in heavy fog and dipping temperatures. Are you all wrapped up in thermals and knitwears? But what about the animals?  Well, there are good Samaritans who do their bit for the animals too. Animal lovers in Mathura are knitting sweaters for elephants at the Wildlife SOS Elephant […]

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Phone a frog!

We all know that climate change and loss of habitat are a threat to the existence of frogs.  But now scientists have developed a novel way to keep tabs on them in the wild — a “Frogphone.” The FrogPhone is the world’s first solar-powered remote survey device, relaying real-time data about the study site and […]

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Finding food: How Nemo fish knows its friends

We all know the story of Nemo… how he got lost and how he was reunited with his dad. But if a latest theory is to be believed, it was not so difficult for his dad to find him. The fish made famous in the Hollywood movie ‘Finding Nemo’ can see ultraviolet (UV) light and […]

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Watch: Tiger comes too close during safari

An Indian Forest Officer shared a video of a tiger coming uncomfortably too close to a gypsy during a jungle safari.  IFS officer Susanta Nanda while sharing the video explained that it is important to be sensitive “to the space required for this majestic animal” and avoid intruding in its area. The driver of the […]

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How ice age animals got extinct

Archaeologists have found new evidence that an extraterrestrial body crashed to Earth almost 13,000 years ago that caused the extinction of many large animals. This crash also led to human population decline. The Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis proposes that an asteroid or comet hit the Earth about 12,800 years ago, causing a period of extreme […]

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Butterfly gets new wings

A zoo volunteer used glue, tape and pins to help an injured insect fly again after attaching a wing from a dead lookalike. The volunteer was able to save the life of a fragile butterfly by performing a wing transplant and intricately attaching a piece from a dead lookalike. Katie VanBlaricum, 36, spotted a Monarch […]

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Watch: Dreaming and changing colours

We all know that octopuses often change their skin colour and texture to avoid predators or to catch unsuspecting prey. Now, for the first time, a researcher has captured a spell-binding video of a cephalopod called Heidi rapidly changing into a multitude of colors while sleeping. The footage, part of Octopus: Making Contact, a documentary […]

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Spotted: A polka-dotted zebra!

If you thought that zebras are only black and white, think again. A zebra foal with a dark coat and white polka dots has been spotted in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve. Photographer Frank Liu was on the search for rhinos recently when he noticed the eye-catching plains zebra, likely about a week old. “At […]

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Happy World Animal Day to you

Ask an animal lover, and they would say everyday is Animal Day!  World Animal Day is celebrated every year on October 4. It was first mentioned in the year 1931 and was originated by Heinrich Zimmermann, the German writer and publisher of the magazine Mensch und Hund/Man and Dog. Though it started off as a […]