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How cheesy is that! 

In love with cheese? Read this… The world’s first cheese-themed hotel has opened in London.  The Cheese Suite, in Camden, features cheese-themed furniture, wallpaper, cushions and throws and even offers cheesy-scented soap in the bathroom. Guests are able to take selfies in front of the suite’s giant cheese installations before turning in for the night […]

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A Toy story wedding! 

We all love our animated heroes… we wear them on our tees, drink chocolate milk shake from mugs with photos of them, even have keychains and badges of our heroes. But only a true fan can do what this lady did. Lindsay Ashton is a die-hard fan of Toy Story movies… so what even we […]

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Large bloom: World’s largest flower in Indonesia 

We all love flowers… their vibrant colours, their beautiful smell, they cheer us up! But would you like to hold a flower as big as you or your younger sibling?  Yes, scientists have found a flower species in indonesia which is as big as 3.6 foot in diameter. Indonesian conservationists say they’ve spotted the biggest […]

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US city legalises snowball fight. Why was it even banned! 

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of snow? Snowfights right? But can you imagine a place where there’s a lot of snow but you are not allowed to have snowball fights… that too by the state’s order! Wausau was such a state in the US where snowball fights were […]

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Artificial snow to celebrate new year 

It’s difficult to think of Moscow without snow in winters. But this year has been a bit different. Russia is experiencing its warmest December since 1886. Such has been the state that authorities have brought in artificial snow ahead of the New Year celebrations. According to Russia’s Hydrometeorological Research Centre, the temperature rose above 6 […]

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Tiniest treat: World’s smallest gingerbread house 

Christmas inspires creativity among bakers and artists but have you heard about the smallest gingerbread house? Yes, a ginger house smaller than the thickness of human hair!  Travis Casagrande, an Electron Microscopy researcher in Ontario, carved the elaborately detailed decoration. Using an electron microscope, the expert carved the world’s smallest ‘gingerbread’ house, replete with a […]

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Meet the 18,000-year-old puppy

Russian researchers have discovered the body of a canine in eastern Siberia that’s been completely preserved and frozen with its nose, fur and teeth intact. Researchers from Sweden’s Centre for paleogenetics used radiocarbon dating on the specimen’s rib bone and found the specimen to be frozen for 18,000 years.  They have named the specimen as […]

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A hotel for all Nutella fans

Love Nutella, head to California. A pop-up hotel called the Hotella Nutella will open in Napa for three days in January 2020. It will offer the ultimate stay for fans of the hazelnut spread, with new concept art. We’re talking everything from giant jars of Nutella to themed bedding and furniture, as well as breakfast-inspired […]

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Comic book sold for $1.26 million

Now this is some Marvel-ous news we are giving you! A near-mint condition of Marvel Comics 1, the first comic book published by the company, sold for a record $1.26 million (almost Rs9,00,00,000!) during a recent auction — the highest total ever for a Marvel book. Heritage Auctions, which handled the bidding, said it was […]

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Oscar Wilde’s stolen ring found

A golden ring once given as a present by the famed Irish writer Oscar Wilde has been recovered by a Dutch “art detective” nearly 20 years after it was stolen from Britain’s Oxford University. The friendship ring, a joint gift from Wilde to a fellow student in 1876, was taken during a burglary in 2002 […]