Funky furniture for creative kids

Disclaimer-This article is for marketing purposes only. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted the normal flow of events in our lives. A lot of changes have happened from schools, playgrounds, daycares and businesses shutting down. As a result, homeschooling has become the norm of the year. Not just schooling, our homes became playgrounds, gyms, restaurants… all packed together. Now that this horrid year is over, lets walk into 2021 a little more prepared. Take a look at some of our recommendations below.

DecorNation Judith Solid Wood Table & Chairs

Provide your kids their own space to play and create with the DecorNation’s Judith Kids’ Solid Wood Table and 2 Chairs Set. This modern kid-sized table is perfect for reading, writing, playing drawing and dining. Its compact design helps you easily move around. It is easy to place in a kids’ room and blend in your kids’ furniture area or you can simply move it to the bedroom, living room or kitchen. Let your kids’ creativity blossom and give them an ample space all their own with this modern, functional kids’ table chair set.

Cello Novelty Big Fairy Kids Plastic Cupboard with 3 Shelves

This storage cabinet is sure to become a must have for the kids. You can store within it, toys, books or even clothes. Its towering structure is sure to add a touch of colour to any wall area making this modern cabinet a must have. It comes with two drawers and ample storage space within, to store in all the essentials.

NHR Inflatable Dreamchaser Children Airbed Car Comfort Air Mattress with Backrest 

Want a space of your own in your room? Sturdy I-beam construction and Recessed-center design provides a secure and comfortable resting area. The 4×4 off-roader bed shape provides a practical bedtime solution and inspires imagination.

Alex Daisy Blossom Activity Table & Chairs

This five piece table and chair set is specially designed for toddlers to sit, eat, drink or do any activity together. The set consists of a rectangular shaped table with four colourful chairs. Made of top grade american beech wood, the entire set is durable and long-lasting. The vibrant colours will liven up your child’s playroom or bedroom.

Alex Daisy Castle Loft Bed for Kids

Bedtime becomes a fun time with this mid-sleeper bed with a slide. Your kids can have a blast climbing up the bed and sliding down. Features a loft bed with a tent, tower and a fun slide in colourful combinations. The cozy tent area below the loft bed can be used for play time, or for storage or can even place another mattress over there for sleeping. The white board (black board when reversed) will tempt your child to show his creativity. Magnetic clips, magnetic duster, white board marker and chalks come in this package.

Cello Novelty Big Little Racer Kids Plastic Cupboard with 3 Shelves

The product features lightweight and durable. Elegant and functional furniture, this kids cupboard is well crafted and designed.