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Illustration for kids

Would you like to make figures of your parents and friends to gift them? Let us learn how! You can take a photo of your parents or your friends in front of you and see the basic shapes the faces and bodies make. Some faces are round, oval heart shapes or triangles. Eyes are almond […]

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The art of revival and rebirth

Renaissance was a beautiful era of art history (1400s) which gave the society a chance to dream as well as believe. Renaissance literally means ‘rebirth’. Rebirth of ideas, desires, dreams and also the realistic outcome. Painters took an increasing interest in the representation of the visible world instead of being confined to that exclusive concern […]

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From bland to realistic art

From bland to realistic art Last time we spoke about Ancient Classical Art which was predominant in Ancient Greece and Rome. This also means there were different areas of land where the civilisation were already finding different forms of expression to communicate among themselves. Coming to Medieval Art (400 – 1500 BC) Western Europe This […]

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The evolution of drawings in art

We talked about introduction to the Ancient Art world. How communication started much before the languages were used to express thoughts and feelings. During this time there were no borders drawn in land to differentiate you from me. We were all living on earth trying to make sense of our surroundings and being one with […]