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Underwater museum on a shipwreck in Amsterdam

A Dutch architecture firm is building an underwater museum of a 271-year-old shipwreck. Amsterdam seems to have become a great place to create museums of all sorts. Right from the most fascinating Rijks Museum where you can spend hours lost in its glory to the Banksy museum. Amsterdam has it all. They are now planning […]

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Banksy’s new mural has a message about Covid

A new mural by Banksy has appeared on the side of a house in the southern UK city of Bristol. The piece shows a woman in a headscarf sneezing, with her dentures flying several feet out of her mouth and a graphic spray of saliva following them. She is doubled over by the force of […]

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Banksy-Funded Rescue Vessel Evacuated After Distress Call

The British street artist Banksy has accused European officials of ignoring maritime distress calls from non-Europeans after he helped fund a rescue vessel to assist migrants stranded in the central Mediterranean for days. Hundreds of migrants were transferred to several rescue ships on Saturday as international aid groups urged European officials to let them come […]

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Message on the wall

So, what do you know about graffiti? Is it just scribbling on walls with paints drawing swirls and butterfly and faces or do you feel it has any meaning? Graffiti was painted on rocks with soil during the ancient era to pass on short messages… this style of art has always been around. Since the […]