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Free salmon to anyone named Salmon creates ruckus in Taiwan

How far would you go for free food? Well, there are a few people who are ready to change their names to get a dish of free salmon… actually there are almost 200 of them! The rush to change the names was so much that the government authorities had to issue a statement urging people […]

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This goldfish could not live in your bowl

When you think about a goldfish the image that comes to mind is a small sparkly beautiful creature making rounds in a water bowl. But that’s not what a few fishermen saw when they went down a lake in South Carolina. During a routine water quality test in the murky waters of Oak Grove Lake, […]

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How is the Mauritius oil spill threatening sea life

A small island nation of Mauritius had to declare an emergency because its beaches and related sea life was in danger.  What happened On July 25, a Japanese ship named M V Wakashio struck a coral reef resulting in an oil spill of over 1,000 tonnes into the Indian Ocean. The ship was carrying an […]

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World’s largest cave fish found in Meghalaya 

The world’s largest species of cave fish measuring over 40cm or around one and a half feet in length have been found inside a remote cave in Meghalaya’s Jaintia Hills. The fish, described recently in the journal Cave and Karst Science, may still be in the process of evolving to be a separate new species. […]

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Finding food: How Nemo fish knows its friends

We all know the story of Nemo… how he got lost and how he was reunited with his dad. But if a latest theory is to be believed, it was not so difficult for his dad to find him. The fish made famous in the Hollywood movie ‘Finding Nemo’ can see ultraviolet (UV) light and […]

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Pro at protein

Everyday we see someone around us preaching about how protein is essential and people drinking protein shakes get enough protein. However, do you know how much protein does your body need and how to get it? Let’s have a look at the basics of protein. Why do we need protein?Amino acids are building blocks of […]