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One more point to Slytherin!

If you’re a Harry Potter fan and also a researcher of snakes, the chances are you will be allowed in the House of Slytherin.  No surprises here then that when Harry Potter books lovers discovered a new species of snake, they named him after Salazar Slytherin. A new green pit viper species discovered in a […]

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Book review: The very Glum life of Tootoolu Toop

Welcome to the magical world of reality! The world of fantasy has always fascinated the writers and readers alike. We all like to escape to the beautiful world of imagination where unicorns and dragons live, fairies sing melodies, mermaids turn into beautiful women and there are potions to make you look just the way you […]

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Eight Indian kids feature in Rowling’s Ickabog

It has been lying in the attic of JK Rowling for more than 10 years. Finally, during the pandemic, the Harry Potter famed famous writer decided to wipe the dust off her children’s story book. And Ickabog saw the light of the day.  Over the period of a few weeks, the author released the whole […]

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Read JK Rowling’s new book online, for free! 

It is NOT a spin off of Harry Potter! Famous writer of the wizarding world has published a new book online, and it’s free for all to read.  Till now she published two chapters and has promised to upload the remaining chapters of the book in coming weeks.  The fairy tale “The Ickabog” would also […]

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Harry Potter comes to your home 

JK Rowling wants to make it a little easier for kids, parents and teachers stuck at home due to COVID-19 to enjoy “Harry Potter,” with the author launching a website featuring a handful of school-friendly activities based on her popular book series. The new site, dubbed harrypotterathome.com, promises to “bring Hogwarts to you” via themed […]

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Study in this Harry Potter classroom

A school teacher in Maryland is transforming her classroom into a magical zone. Literally!  Staci Lamb, 28, is inspiring her students with the wonder of books by transforming her classroom into a real-life Hogwarts. Lamb teaches ninth grade at Elkton High School in Maryland. She spent the past month converting her plain public school classroom […]