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What a marvel! Black Panther-inspired Wakanda grows in Uganda

Movies have often inspired people to do some good work. But we never knew that superheroes could not only make money but also build lives. Something like that is happening in a small village in Uganda. Inspired by Marvel’s Black Panther movie, a village in Uganda is thriving on natural resources and solar energy.  The […]

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Move over Ironman and Captain America, Marvel has a new superhero!

It’s true that all heroes don’t wear capes, some of them wear scrubs. And the creators of superhero series are all ready to salute such heroes. So this year when Coronavirus has overtaken everything else, Ironman, Superman and Captain America can take a break as the real-life superheroes are steadily at work.  The health care […]

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Jetman soars Ironman style! 

The flying humans would be a reality soon, and that too Ironman style! Daredevil Vince Reffet soared into the skies above Dubai in the latest “Jetman” stunt. He took off from the ground and climbed to 1,800metres (nearly 6,000 feet) in a feat similar to that of Marvel’s Iron Man. Reffet and his collaborators, known […]

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Comic book sold for $1.26 million

Now this is some Marvel-ous news we are giving you! A near-mint condition of Marvel Comics 1, the first comic book published by the company, sold for a record $1.26 million (almost Rs9,00,00,000!) during a recent auction — the highest total ever for a Marvel book. Heritage Auctions, which handled the bidding, said it was […]