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India’s Top Fruit Picking Destinations For the Perfect Family Vacation

India’s Top 10 Fruit Picking Destinations For the Perfect Family Vacation From the fresh kinnows of Punjab to the delectable strawberries of Meghalaya, the juicy lychees of Bihar, and the sweet mangoes of Ratnagiri, here are 10 of our favourite fruit picking destinations in India: 1. Chikoos and mangoes in Maharashtra The coastal towns of […]

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Celebrate Poetry Month

April is celebrated as Poetry Month around some parts of the world. We believe it’s a great idea! Celebrate by making verse from your print newspaper. Here are some ideas →

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DEBATE OF THE DAY: Should we all learn sign language?

Amidst the endless noise and babble of modern life, hand gestures make people more attractive and powerful, says research into public speakers. One film was the clear favourite at the Oscars on Sunday night: The Power of the Dog. But when the moment came for Liza Minnelli to announce the Best Picture, the envelope contained […]

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Should we all be hermits?

For 40 years Ken Smith has lived without electricity in a hand-made log cabin in the Scottish Highlands. Finally his secret is out. The Scottish Highlands are one of the most remote places. It might seem like no human being could scrape a living from the hard land and the deep lakes. But if you […]

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World celebrates Diwali in style

MumbaiWe all know Festival of Lights is the biggest celebration in India. But Diwali is celebrated with equal zeal around the world. As Indians are spread across the globe, this festival too has travelled far and wide. While the US, the UK, New Zealand, Australia and other European countries have imbibed the festival in their […]

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Different colours of Diwali

We all know that Diwali is a five-day festival when Indians around the globe celebrate it with sweets, lights and love. Let’s read how different regions and religions interpret this beautiful festival… In northern India, Indians celebrate the story of King Rama’s return to Ayodhya after he defeated Ravana by lighting rows of clay lamps […]

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Obesity in childhood

We hear about the obesity epidemic hitting kids all over the world these days. But what does it really mean? What is Obesity? Can we look at someone who looks fatter than the rest of us and say that he or she is an obese? The answer is no. Obesity has got nothing to do […]