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Debate of the Week: Is it right to turn bugs into food?

Companies aiming to sell them as snacks are rapidly expanding, and claim they could end global food shortages while protecting the environment. Imagine it’s the year 2031. Ella could not believe her luck. She was celebrating her birthday at 2031’s Restaurant of the Year. There was carpaccio of caterpillar, bluebottle paté, woodlouse tempura. What should […]

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Super salty lake on Mars!

The question whether there’s water on Mars is getting trickier by the day. And as if we’re not excited enough to know about the development of bacterial life on Venus, there are speculations that Mars may after all have water. A recent research indicates that there really is a buried reservoir of super salty water […]

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AI helps find 50 new planets

Artificial intelligence has been coming to human aid now and then, be it health services, education or even hospitality. But now for the first time AI has done wonders in the field of astronomy.  Scientists have identified 50 potential planets with the help of Artificial Intelligence. These planets range from worlds as large as Neptune […]

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10 amazing facts about our Earth 

While we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Earth Hour this week, let’s take a look at the wonder that our planet is! So do you know that Earth’s core is as hot as the Sun’s surface? The temperature at the center of the Earth is the same as the temperature at the surface of the […]

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Did NASA find a second Earth? 

The mysteries of the universe are still unravelling, and we are amazed by the discoveries scientists make everyday! It has come to light that the US space agency, NASA, may have come across a planet similar to earth. Reanalyzed data from NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope, being used by a team of scientists, has led to […]

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139 minor planets discovered 

Astronomers have found 139 new “minor planets” in the far reaches of our solar system just beyond Neptune’s orbit, which could potentially boost scientists’ continued searches for the putative Planet Nine. A new study published in The Astrophysical Journal revealed how data from the Dark Energy Survey (DES) helped researchers to detect a new cluster […]

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It rains irons on this planet 

Astronomers have observed a distant planet where it probably rains iron. It may sound like an episode from Star Trek or Dr Who but that’s true.  Wasp-76b, as it’s known, orbits so close in to its host star, its dayside temperatures exceed 2,400C – hot enough to vaporise metals. WASP-76b is tidally-locked, only ever showing […]

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NASA is eyeing gold in space 

Space if full of wonders, but did you know that it can also make Earthlings rich. Yes, NASA is eyeing a nearby asteroid that contains enough gold to make everyone on Earth a billionaire! The space agency has asked billionaire Elon Musk to help it explore a nearby asteroid. Psyche 16 is nestled between the […]

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Teen discovers planet just three days after joining NASA 

If you thought that just adding an extra fact to the report could earn you brownie points, you have got some competition. This 17-year-old intern discovered a planet just three days after joining NASA! Now who has a job waiting for them after they finish college? We would say this guy whose name is Wolf […]

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More Earth-like planets possible in Universe

A new research suggests that there may be more earth-like planets in the universe than we thought.  A new study by UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) scientists suggests that Earth-like planets are not uncommon in the universe. The study is the first to look in detail at the chemistry of rocky exoplanets to determine […]

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