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India gets its first plastic road!

We all know the bane of plastic and its use. How it takes hundreds of years for it to destroy completely. But there are a few brilliant minds who are coming up with ways to fight this nuisance, and use it to our benefit too. For the first time in India, a road would be […]

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These trees help reduce pollution 

We all know the importance of greenery but did you know there are a few trees which are much better than others to make the air cleaner? Let’s find out about them… Mediterranean hackberry  A fast-growing plant that can grow up to 20-25 metres. It’s particularly suited to absorbing carbon dioxide (3,660 kilos in 20 […]

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This ink is made from air pollution 

We complain about it everyday, but hardly do anything about it. Air pollution harms us in more ways we can imagine. But there’s someone who found a way to use air pollution for good.  Anirudh Sharma, while on a visit to India, saw black soot coming out of a car. Instead of getting worried about […]

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First Smog Tower comes to Delhi 

The New Year brought some breath of fresh air for Delhiites, literally. The national capital got its first smog tower in the first week of January, and citizens are vouching for its effectiveness.  What is smog tower This 20-feet-tall giant air purifier has been erected on a 4 feet high platform on a covered drain […]

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Breathe Delhi, breathe!

Delhi has been having a hard time breathing these past few days. Post Diwali, the air quality of the national capital dipped so low that people had to wear masks, even at home.  Just this week, the Air Quality Index of Delhi reaches above 600. This means the air we breathe is harmful to us. […]

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A breather for atmosphere

There maybe a breath of fresh air for environmentalists. Literally. A new technology can capture carbon dioxide from a stream of air, even if it’s very concentrated.  The researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US said that while most methods of removing carbon dioxide from a stream of gas required higher […]