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NASA picks up a piece of asteroid

A NASA spacecraft was able to touch down on the rugged surface of the Bennu asteroid, grabbing a sample of rocks dating back to the birth of our solar system to bring home. The minivan-sized OSIRIS-REx spacecraft extended its 11-foot (3.35 m) robotic arm toward a flat patch of gravel near Bennu’s north pole and […]

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This robo dog reminds you to maintain social distancing 

The Coronavirus pandemic is not over, but the countries have started easing the lockdown. People have been advised to maintain social distancing and follow hygiene protocols.  But many times it’s not followed. We tend to forget that we’re still living in an infected environment. To make people remember to maintain social distancing, the Singapore government […]

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Robots at your service! 

A restaurant in the Netherlands is turning to robots to help serve customers while still complying with social-distancing guidelines. The restaurant-owner Shaosong Hu is deploying the robotic waiters at his restaurant in the Dutch beachside town of Renesse to pick up dishes, serve food, and greet customers with ‘hello and welcome’ once the restaurant reopens […]

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This robot can create music 

A robot called Shimon doesn’t simply play music, he also writes the words to his own songs – and sings them. Shimon is a four-armed robot with a ball-like head. He holds small mallets in his “hands” to play a kind of xylophone called a marimba. As Shimon plays, his head moves around in time […]

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Jellyfish or a robot? 

With bionic arms and super energy, these creatures may seem to have emerged from a sci-fi novel. But wait, these are real, and developed by our very own earthen scientists.  A cyborg California scientists looking for new ways to explore the world’s oceans have created a cyborg jellyfish — half animal, half robot — that […]

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Meet Vyom Mitra, ISRO’s ‘woman’ in space 

Indian space agency ISRO has unveiled a robot which will travel to space as part of its unmanned space mission to be launched this year as a prelude to the manned Gaganyaan mission. The half-humanoid robot, named ‘Vyom Mitra’ or a friend in the sky, is capable of conversing with astronauts, recognising them, and responding […]

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Make way for robot priest 

The world is going tech-friendly, then why should religion stay behind?  A 400-year-old temple in Japan is trying to rekindle interest in Buddhism with a robotic priest. The temple authorities believe the robot will change the face of the religion.  The android Kannon, based on the Buddhist deity of mercy, preaches sermons at Kodaiji temple […]

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Talk to your robofriend in your language 

Do you want a robot who can speak in your mother tongue? Worry not. Because Samsung is planning to launch humanoids who can speak in Hindi, Marathi, Bhojpuri, or any language you want.  STAR Labs ‘artificial human’ project, Neon, is unlike any other artificial intelligence work. Neon is just a human companion that not only […]

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Play football with robots now

These ‘mini cheetahs’ are not just for routine work. The robots designed and made by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) showcased their football skills recently in a video released by the university. These four-legged android can now dribble a soccer ball, run and jump, not to forget the backflip.  Cheetah’s lead developer, Benjamin Katz, […]

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Russian robot heads to space!

A Russian robot will help astronauts in space. Russia launched an unmanned rocket carrying a life-size humanoid robot that will spend 10 days learning to assist astronauts on the International Space Station. Named Fedor, short for Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research, the robot is the first ever sent up by Russia. Fedor blasted off in […]

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