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Origami houses on moon 

We all know the US space agency NASA plans to get back on the moon by 2024 through its Artemis programme.  Danish architecture company, SAGA, has “a dream of making outer space accessible for everyone “ and so have designed a prototype of a house which can be used to live on the moon. Architects […]

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Titan is moving away from Saturn 100 times faster 

Astronomers have found that Titan’s orbit around Saturn is expanding about 100 times faster than previously expected. Titan is the largest of the 82 moons that orbit Saturn. It has been studied extensively due to its distinct topography consisting of dunes, bodies of liquid hydrocarbon and a thick atmosphere. The Saturnian moon is also thought […]

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This scooter would fit in your backpack! 

We all know how useful backpacks are. We could carry anything in them — books, blankets, clothes, shoes, food, scooter… yes, you can also carry a scooter in your backpack! Compact enough to fit inside a backpack and capable of inflating with an electric pump in under a minute, the scooter is called Poimo, which […]

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Earth’s magnetic field is getting weaker 

A part of the earth’s magnetic field is weakening, and no one really knows why.  Satellite data has revealed a rather worrying development that the magnetic field is weakening between Africa and South America. Scientists say the area known as South Atlantic Anomaly has significantly widened over the past few years. The European Space Agency’s […]

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Want to buy a space rock 

Are you a space enthusiast who keeps in wondering what’s up there and how to reach the stars? Well, maybe not reach the star but you surely can buy a piece of space rock. One of the world’s largest lunar rocks is up for sale. The Moon rock, weighing more than 13.5kg, was probably chipped […]

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A super Earth and five Neptunes! 

Scientists have discovered a six-planet system — a “super-Earth” and five “mini-Neptunes” which display an exceptionally regular spacing, hinting at how the system may have formed. The planets revolving the star HD 158259 in the Draco constellation were found using the SOPHIE spectrograph installed at the Haute-Provence Observatory in the South of France. The observations […]

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NASA to send SpaceX crew on ISS next month

The US space agency NASA is set to send its astronauts on American rocket from American soil for the first time in almost a decade. The SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft will leave for the International Space Station (ISS) on May 27. NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley will fly on the SpaceX spacecraft as […]

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Six Indian companies working for Coronavirus vaccine 

Six Indian companies are working on a Covid-19 vaccine, joining global efforts to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus that’s infected more than 2 million people so far. Nearly 70 “vaccine candidates” are being tested globally and at least three have moved to the human clinical trial stage, but a vaccine is unlikely to […]

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Colleges shut? No problem, robots would help you graduate 

Schools and colleges are shut due to Coronavirus and it’s just not possible to venture out. This also means that many students are missing out on their year-end graduation ceremonies. But Japan has a way out.  A Tokyo university — Business Breakthrough University (BBT)— has used avatar robots to enable students to “attend” their graduation […]

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Giant string creature found off Australia 

At first sight it may look like an innocent string floating on the water. But it’s not. It’s a giant sea creature! Scientists on a research vessel spotted a giant creature that has been compared to a mass of silly string floating off western Australia. Researchers aboard the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s ship Falkor stumbled upon […]