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Say Thank You! to nature in these way 

While we celebrate World Environment Day on June 5, there are a few things we can do the whole year, and the rest of our lives, to help the environment and preserve nature. The trick is to understand the importance of our surroundings and make choices which would not harm nature.  Ride a bicycle The […]

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These trees help reduce pollution 

We all know the importance of greenery but did you know there are a few trees which are much better than others to make the air cleaner? Let’s find out about them… Mediterranean hackberry  A fast-growing plant that can grow up to 20-25 metres. It’s particularly suited to absorbing carbon dioxide (3,660 kilos in 20 […]

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Hug trees to fight loneliness 

Lockdown and isolation are tough. We crave for our friends, and it’s much more difficult for some people who are away from home and family. But Iceland has a very wholesome suggestion for citizens craving physical contact in the age of social distancing: Find the nearest tree and give it a hug. The Icelandic Forest […]

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And the award for the best tree goes to… 

It may sound weird but there’s a contest for the best tree in Europe.  A pine tree in the Czech Republic, known as the “Guardian of the Flooded Village”, has won the European Tree of the Year contest. The goal of the contest is to encourage people to appreciate and protect trees. Every year since […]