Top picks of October

Title: The Daughter from a Wishing Tree: Unusual Tales About Women in Mythology
Author: Sudha Murty
Publisher: Puffin
Price: Rs250
This book tells numerous untold tales of women in mythology; many names and identities that have been lost in the pages of Indian mythology. An interesting read which shows the power of the female divinity and also common women in the ancient times The Daughter from a Wishing Tree is a perfect gift for young parents, who can pass on these stories from Indian Mythology to their kids.

Title: Festivals Of India
Author: Sonia Mehta
Publisher: Puffin
Price: Rs199
India is a mix of many cultures and people, which means there are literally hundreds of reasons to celebrate! Have you ever wondered what Onam is all about? Why do people eat hot cross buns at Easter? Are Pongal, Lohri and Sankranti all the same festivals? Why do people fast during Ramzan? Get ready to find the answers to all of these questions and dive into the stories behind these festivals and many others.

Title: The Children’s Ramayana
Author: Upendrakishore Ray Chowdhury
Publisher: Talking Cub
Price: Rs 449
Prince Ram, son of Dasharath, is loved and revered by everyone in the kingdom of Ayodhya. But Queen Kaikeyi’s greed and ambition cause him to be exiled for fourteen years. Along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman, he leaves the kingdom for dense forests full of rakshasas. Soon Raavan, the terrifying king of Lanka, finds his way to them and abducts Sita. How does Ram, the bravest warrior of all, cross hills and rivers and the sea to rescue Sita and bring her back home?

Title: Sunny Rolls the Dice
Author: Jennifer L Holm
Illustrator: Matthew Holm
Publisher: Scholastic
Price: Rs 1,400
Graphic novels are groovier than ever with the introduction of this new book about Sunny, who just made it to middle school in the 1970s! Her BFF Deb is suddenly into fashion, boys, makeup, and being cool, but Sunny would rather play Dungeons & Dragons with a bunch of new friends in her basement. With plenty of laughs and references to life in the 70s, this book covers topics on kids’ minds, like peer pressure, adjusting to school, and self-image and identity.

Title: Small in the City
Author: Sydney Smith 
Publisher: Walker Books
Price: Rs 1,200
The streetwise kid telling Sydney Smith’s atmospheric story has some advice for fellow kids negotiating a big, noisy city. A masterpiece of thick, blurry lines and drifting snow, framing a child’s solitary yet celebratory experience of urban life.