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US releases videos of UFOs 

Do you believe in aliens? Well, our world never truly accepted their existence. But this week, the US Department of Defence released three declassified videos that show US Navy pilots encountering what appear to be unidentified flying objects. The grainy videos, which the Pentagon says depict “unexplained aerial phenomena”, were previously leaked, with some believing […]

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The revered kingdom of France 

Homo Sapiens were one of the first set of genes that were capable of artistic expression. No matter which part of the world we were located in, we used the natural elements surrounding us to make sense of the findings and use them as adornments. Architecture: The French people had their own ways of finding […]

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Covid 19: US leads with most number of cases 

While many states in the USA are protesting against the lockdown and want it to end, the Coronavirus cases crossed 8,40,000 in the country. The US reported more than 46,000 deaths last week.  Spain too continues to grapple with the pandemic. The European nation has reported more than 2,13,000 positive cases and more than 22,000 […]

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UK to start testing Covid 19 vaccine 

Human trials of a potential coronavirus vaccine started in the UK, however the government doesn’t want to be very optimistic and added a word of caution that “nothing about this process is certain”. The vaccine was developed by scientists at the University of Oxford who believe there is an 80 per cent chance of success. […]

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Mumbai worst-hit, India fights on 

Even as India witnessed Coronavirus cases crossing 21,000 figure, Mumbai continues to be the worst-affected city with more than 3,600 cases. Mumbai tally is more than the state’s number. Maharashtra reported most number of cases in India which are beyond 5,500 now.  India has witnessed more than 600 deaths while more than 4,000 people recovered […]

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Poland hit by wildfires 

As if the onslaught of coronavirus wasn’t enough, Poland is fighting one more war.  Some 6,000 hectares of Biebrza National Park in northeastern Poland were ablaze due to wildfire. More than 120 firefighters rushed to extinguish the flames. Biebrza is home to 59,000 hectares of wetlands, wildlife such as moose, beavers, and unique species of […]

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Facebook launches messenger app for kids 

Facebook rolled out its Messenger Kids application to 70 new countries, saying it can help children deal with the challenges of distance learning and isolation during the virus lockdowns. The app, which is aimed at children under 13, will also be adding a “supervised friending” feature enabling parents to approve new connections, starting in the […]

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Vending machine for masks 

The Hong Kong property development conglomerate New World Development (NWD) has just launched 35 vending machines dispensing 10 million free surgical face masks in the city to help combat the coronavirus pandemic.  NWD partnered with eight local NGOs to place the machines across all 18 districts in Hong Kong, which will distribute a set of […]

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A super Earth and five Neptunes! 

Scientists have discovered a six-planet system — a “super-Earth” and five “mini-Neptunes” which display an exceptionally regular spacing, hinting at how the system may have formed. The planets revolving the star HD 158259 in the Draco constellation were found using the SOPHIE spectrograph installed at the Haute-Provence Observatory in the South of France. The observations […]

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NASA to send SpaceX crew on ISS next month

The US space agency NASA is set to send its astronauts on American rocket from American soil for the first time in almost a decade. The SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft will leave for the International Space Station (ISS) on May 27. NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley will fly on the SpaceX spacecraft as […]