First Smog Tower comes to Delhi 

The New Year brought some breath of fresh air for Delhiites, literally. The national capital got its first smog tower in the first week of January, and citizens are vouching for its effectiveness. 

What is smog tower

This 20-feet-tall giant air purifier has been erected on a 4 feet high platform on a covered drain in Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar. The tower has been fitted with exhaust fans that will help in sucking polluted air and remove up to 80 per cent particulate matters (PM 2.5 and PM10 pollutants). It can purify air within a circumference area of 500 metre to 750 metre. The air purifier will run on electricity.

The dream team

The pilot project has been undertaken by the IIT Bombay in collaboration with IIT Delhi and the University of Minnesota. The smog tower was procured by Gautam Gambhir Foundation and installed with the help of Lajpat Nagar Traders Association. Gambhir is also the East Delhi MP from BJP. 

More such towers would be installed in other parts of Delhi soon.

Cost and expenses

The estimated cost of smog tower is Rs 7 lakh. The running cost of the device will be around Rs 30,000. Though it’s installed by Gautam Gambhir Foundation, it would be managed by local traders.

Delhi saw its worst polluted air last year after which the Supreme Court asked the governments to take initiative to fight air pollution.

Shanghai smog tower

Do you know

China has the world's largest smog tower of over 328 feet height in Shanghai.