Four stars of National Film Awards

The list of winners of 66th National Film Awards is out but while all spotlight is on Ayushmann Khurrana and Vicky Kaushal, there are four kids who have been shining bright on the celluloid. Let’s take a look at these winners of Child Artist National Award…

PV Rohith (Kannada)
In Dr Satya Prakash’s Ondalla Eradalla, PV Rohith plays a seven-year-old boy named Sameera who loses his pet Banu. He goes alone in search of his pet cow to a town called ‘Pete’, along the way he meets many people from different sections of society.

Sameep Singh (Punjabi)
Sameep Singh played young Harjeeta, in the biopic based on Indian Hockey player Harjeet Singh Tuli. Directed by Jagdeep Sidhu, Harjeeta is a story of ambition and perseverance. And young Sameep depicts that beautifully in the film.

Talha Arshad Reshi (Urdu) 
Based in the valleys of Kashmir, film Hamid is a story of a young boy of seven, in search of his father who went missing a year ago. Talha Arshad Reshi plays Hamid who somehow discovers that 786 is Alla’s number, makes some combination and finally dials a phone number which is answered. Then begin series of conversations with the person on the other line who happens to be a CRPF soldier finding solace in Hamid’s innocent talk.

Shrinivas Pokale (Marathi) 
Srinivas Pokale plays Chaitanya, an eight-year-old mischievous boy, in Naal. Living in a remote village in Maharashtra, along the banks of a river, he is fathered by a small-time landlord and pampered by a loving and caring mother. Directed by Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti Naal is attached with Chaitanya’s emotional world and follows him on an unexpected journey of experiencing motherly love.

The Best Children’s Film Award has gone to Kannada film Sarkari Area Prathamika Shaale Kasaragod, here’s wishing all the winners a very warm congratulations. Keep winning and keep entertaining us with quality cinema.

Fun Fact

Sameep Singh never appeared for any official audition for Harjeeta. He used to practice hockey at the same place where film’s lead actress Sawan Rupowali used to practice and he caught the actress’ attention. She recorded an audition clip of him, and that’s how he bagged the role.