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The mystical power of a white bear dreaming.

Is it a sign? This picture has won a top photography prize — but it owes its effect as much to its symbolism as it does to a good eye and technical expertise. An amateur photographer from the UK has won a prestigious Wildlife Photographer Of The Year award with this emotive shot of a […]

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He’s the best teacher, and he has the best lesson to teach!

A schoolteacher from a small Zilla parishad of Maharashtra has been awarded the 2020 Global Teacher Prize. That’s amazing, but what’s more amazing is his gesture to share his prize money with runners up!  Ranjitsinh Disale, a teacher at Zilla Parishad Primary School, in the village of Paritewadi was chosen as winner from more than […]

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This rat is a hero, and has won awards for his heroism!

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. And just as in the film Ratatouille as chef Gusteau says, “Anybody can cook,” so can anybody be a hero. Even a rat!  Magawa, an African giant pouched rat, was given a gold medal by the British veterinary charity People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) for his work […]

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5 Indians in Time 100 list

The much-awaited Time list is out which enumerates the 100 most influential people in the world. But among Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Angela Merkel, Selena Gomez, and singer Halsey, there are five Indians too who have been featured in the Time 100 list. Prime Minister Narendra Modi  Though he missed the last two years, the […]

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This book has just one sentence!

Book lovers around the world look forward to this one award. The list for Man Booker Prize 2019 is out and six out of 13 authors have already been shortlisted for the final round.  There were famous authors and even Nobel laureates in the list. But the most extraordinary book is by author, Lucy Ellmann. […]

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Four stars of National Film Awards

The list of winners of 66th National Film Awards is out but while all spotlight is on Ayushmann Khurrana and Vicky Kaushal, there are four kids who have been shining bright on the celluloid. Let’s take a look at these winners of Child Artist National Award… PV Rohith (Kannada)In Dr Satya Prakash’s Ondalla Eradalla, PV […]

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UK kids voted for these books. Would you pick them too?

The winners of Children’s Book Awards are announced and we can’t be happier with the results. Though the nomination was an eclectic mix of titles, kids chose what they loved the most.  The Children’s Book Awards is the only UK national award voted for solely by children from start to finish. Here’s the list of […]