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10 million infections worldwide, and still counting

The world is trying to come to terms with the ongoing pandemic. While economies worldwide are opening up, the number of infections too are rising.  The USA is still leading with the number of positive cases followed by Brazil, Russia and India. The number of cases has crossed 10 million globally with more than 5,00,000 […]

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Vitamin C supplements during COVID-19: Myths and Facts

Vitamin C is gaining more popularity than ever and everyone seems to be stocking up on Vitamin C pills. Do you know if you should do it too or whether it will help? What does Vitamin C do? Keeps your skin, bones, cartilages, teeth, and blood vessels etc healthy Aids in absorption of Iron from […]

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Nepal makes Yoga a school subject 

We all benefit from yoga, and why not. India is the birthplace of this amazing exercise routine. Yoga not only keeps you fit physically but also helps your mind to stay calm and composed.  Now Nepal’s government has asked students in grades four through eight to take yoga classes. The government says the classes will […]

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Badminton is good for your mind too

We all know that exercise is good for our body, but a new research says that it helps our mind too. And badminton of all exercises is good mind game. Researchers found cognitive performance was boosted after ­participants played badminton – but not running on a treadmill – because a player has to make decisions […]

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Have cough? Try this juice

Cold and cough are the worst kind of infections. You can’t sleep and neither can you work. Medicines don’t work either. But according to a study, one fruit juice can help you fight cough.  A study found that pineapple juice was part of an effective treatment for tuberculosis, thanks to its ability to soothe the […]

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Asperger’s syndrome: What it is

The impassioned speech by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg at the UN summit shook the world. Many people were amazed by this Swedish teenager’s dedication for nature. While she has been in the news for a few years now for spreading awareness about climate change, not many know that she suffered from Asperger’s syndrome. That’s also a […]

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Pro at protein

Everyday we see someone around us preaching about how protein is essential and people drinking protein shakes get enough protein. However, do you know how much protein does your body need and how to get it? Let’s have a look at the basics of protein. Why do we need protein?Amino acids are building blocks of […]

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Runner who makes art on the way!

What’s the relation between running and art? A lot if you ask Lenny Maughan. For the past four years, Lenny Maughan has been turning his routes into art. His paths through the city of San Francisco are carefully chosen so that, viewed on a map, they form illustrations of everything from a simple heart shape […]

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How to deal with Anorexia among kids

People often believe that an eating disorder is somewhat like going on a diet or just trying to eat less. However, it can actually be very serious and may lead to severe illnesses that can be dangerous to a child’s wellbeing. What exactly qualifies as an eating disorder? It is a condition in which people […]

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