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Australian fire affects millions, including animals 

The new year has not started on such a happy note for Australia where thousands have been displaced and millions of animals have been affected due to the raging bushfires. The Australian sky had turned red due to the fires. And though many fires were controlled, few are still going on and affecting the livelihood […]

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Why are the US and Iran fighting? 

Relations between the US and Iran have never been too friendly but the recent events could lead to a new low in the ongoing tussle. Recently, Iran launched missile attacks on two US military bases in Iraq. On the other hand, the US has imposed more sanctions on Iran. But that’s not the whole story. […]

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Koalas are in danger, and people are coming to help them 

One of the most iconic animals of Australia is koala bear, and the raging bushfire has affected their population. Many videos surfaced where the animals were yelping for help. A large number of koalas have died in the fires.  But there are Samaritans ready to help and save. People from all over the world have […]

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Kids make music to beat winter blues 

Ever wondered if you are cut off from the world, and have to live with only a couple of people around you and snow. Scary right? People living in Wapekaka in Canada have to struggle through this loneliness throughout the year. And it becomes more difficult in winters. Wapekeka First Nation has a population of […]

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Large bloom: World’s largest flower in Indonesia 

We all love flowers… their vibrant colours, their beautiful smell, they cheer us up! But would you like to hold a flower as big as you or your younger sibling?  Yes, scientists have found a flower species in indonesia which is as big as 3.6 foot in diameter. Indonesian conservationists say they’ve spotted the biggest […]

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Hello 2020! What the year has in store for us

It’s the start of the new decade. Besides being a leap year, 2020 is special in many other ways. There are a lot of exciting events and moments to keep you engaged. And you can add your special moments too…  SportsLove sports? Welcome to 2020! While the regulars like Wimbledon, Chess and Golf tournaments would […]

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Australia fire: More than 4,000 people trapped 

It’s not a very pleasant start to a new year for some holidaymakers in Australia. More than 4,000 tourists and locals are trapped near a seaside in the town Mallacoota, Victoria, where the fire has encircled the whole area except the beach.  Many people left their houses and hotels to take refuge near the seaside […]

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Give trash and ride on metro in this city 

Don’t have enough cash to pay for metro ride? No problem. Just collect few plastic bottles and Rome metro would let you travel without money. Actually, these plastic trash bottles are the money here.  A standard ticket — valid for one metro ride or 100 minutes on all buses allowing transfers — costs 1.50 euros […]

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World’s oldest fossil forest uncovered in US 

Trees are the future and they are also our past. Scientists have discovered remnants of the world’s oldest fossil forest — an extensive network of trees around 386 million years old — in a sandstone quarry in the US. The fossil forest in Cairo would have spread from New York all the way into Pennsylvania […]

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Bougainville is the newest country yet?

There may be a new country on the world map, and its name is Bougainville. The Autonomous Region of Bougainville, a chain of islands that lie 959 kilometres northwest of Papua New Guinea’s capital, Port Moresby, has voted for independence. After the voting, it was found that 97.7% of voters chose independence from Papua New […]