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The good news that nobody wants to read

Are we missing the truth? The headlines are full of horror, doom and gloom. Some experts say there is plenty of positive news, but we’re hardwired to focus on the bad. When you read the news, sometimes it can feel like the only things reported are terrible, depressing events. Why does the media concentrate on […]

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Cold and cough are the worst kind of infections. You can’t sleep and neither can you work. Medicines don’t work either. But according to a study, one fruit juice can help you fight cough.  A study found that pineapple juice was part of an effective treatment for tuberculosis, thanks to its ability to soothe the […]

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Foods and Moods

Do you think your food choices affect your moods and mental health? A lot of recent research shows that what we eat has a huge impact on how we feel. Therefore, what we eat changes not just our physical health but mental health too. Let’s see how. What makes us happy? Our brain has two […]

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Let’s serve some sibling love!

Festivals and sweets go hand-in-hand. This Raksha Bandhan as you celebrate the magical bond of brother and sister, how about cooking up some quick and easy desserts together? Let Chef and Culinary Expert Reetu Uday Kugaji help you spend some quality time dishing out healthy snacks in a plate! CrackerwichesPreparation Time: 05 minutes | Serves-04 […]

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Obesity in childhood

We hear about the obesity epidemic hitting kids all over the world these days. But what does it really mean? What is Obesity? Can we look at someone who looks fatter than the rest of us and say that he or she is an obese? The answer is no. Obesity has got nothing to do […]