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Plastic Lego to go green 

Plastic is one of the biggest threats to our environment. But there are few things we love too much to give up, like our Legos. But wait, you can play with Legos and not harm nature too! Lego has vowed that its iconic bricks will be 100 percent sustainable by 2030. With pieces that are […]

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Sikkim’s bamboo bottles are true plastic alternatives 

In a bid to combat plastic pollution, Lachen, a town in Sikkim has introduced bamboo water bottles for tourists as a replacement for plastic water bottles.  With this, Lachen becomes the first town in our country to completely get rid of packaged drinking water bottles. It has been more than eight years that Lachen became […]

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French ski resort gets snow from mountain top

The world had another jolt of reality when a ski resort had to transport snow for its revellers.  A French ski resort used a helicopter to move snow from higher up the mountains after exceptionally mild weather left its slopes bare. This also raised concerns about the ecological and natural changes on earth.  The helicopter […]

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Antarctica is hotter than Shimla! 

If you want to go somewhere cold, Antarctica wouldn’t be your first choice. Not because it’s far off, but because places in India are colder than this continent. It recorded its highest temperature at 18.3°C last week. Actually, it’s warmer than many places on the earth with rising temperatures. Last time such temperatures were recorded […]

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This ink is made from air pollution 

We complain about it everyday, but hardly do anything about it. Air pollution harms us in more ways we can imagine. But there’s someone who found a way to use air pollution for good.  Anirudh Sharma, while on a visit to India, saw black soot coming out of a car. Instead of getting worried about […]

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Warm water found under glaciers 

Global warming is real, and we need to accept it. Nature keeps giving signs time and again about the amount of deterioration we are doing to our environment. Sea levels keep rising due to melting glaciers, coastal areas witness unusual phenomenon, weather has become more truant… Now it has come to notice that for the […]

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Greta scolds world leaders, again 

A year after she asked the world leaders to wake up to the dangers of climate change, Greta Thunberg told them that they were not doing enough for the nature. The Swedish activist was at the World Economic Forum to talk about climate change. She said the increase in global temperature could not be kept […]

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First Smog Tower comes to Delhi 

The New Year brought some breath of fresh air for Delhiites, literally. The national capital got its first smog tower in the first week of January, and citizens are vouching for its effectiveness.  What is smog tower This 20-feet-tall giant air purifier has been erected on a 4 feet high platform on a covered drain […]

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Manila is covered in volcanic ash 

If anyone doubted the environmental threats, it’s time to change their minds now. While the bushfires in Australia are still raging, another country is gearing to fight another natural calamity.  A volcano ready to erupt A volcano near the Philippine capital Manila has been spewing lava into the sky and trembling constantly. The earthquakes are […]

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Australian fire: Govt drops 2,000 kg veggies to feed starving animals 

The Australian government is using helicopters and airplanes to help feed starving animals displaced by the country’s wildfire crisis. The New South Wales government used aircraft to drop more than 1,800 kg of food, mostly carrots and sweet potatoes, to colonies of brush-tailed rock-wallabies that were left stranded as massive wildfires ravaged their habitat. The […]