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Australian fire affects millions, including animals 

The new year has not started on such a happy note for Australia where thousands have been displaced and millions of animals have been affected due to the raging bushfires. The Australian sky had turned red due to the fires. And though many fires were controlled, few are still going on and affecting the livelihood […]

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Australia fire: More than 4,000 people trapped 

It’s not a very pleasant start to a new year for some holidaymakers in Australia. More than 4,000 tourists and locals are trapped near a seaside in the town Mallacoota, Victoria, where the fire has encircled the whole area except the beach.  Many people left their houses and hotels to take refuge near the seaside […]

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Rajasthan shows the way! 

We all make New Year resolutions, and most of those are for ourselves. But there are few who think for the greater good and the state of Rajasthan is one of them.  With the aim to promote road safety, the Rajasthan transport department will make a start in the New Year by observing a No […]

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Give trash and ride on metro in this city 

Don’t have enough cash to pay for metro ride? No problem. Just collect few plastic bottles and Rome metro would let you travel without money. Actually, these plastic trash bottles are the money here.  A standard ticket — valid for one metro ride or 100 minutes on all buses allowing transfers — costs 1.50 euros […]

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World’s oldest fossil forest uncovered in US 

Trees are the future and they are also our past. Scientists have discovered remnants of the world’s oldest fossil forest — an extensive network of trees around 386 million years old — in a sandstone quarry in the US. The fossil forest in Cairo would have spread from New York all the way into Pennsylvania […]

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This machines makes water from thin air

We all know how important water is for us. And also how we are nearing a water crisis. How many times you mom or dad have asked you to use water responsibly! Now an Israeli company Watergen has developed a technology that extracts water from the air around us.  Our atmosphere is full of water […]

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2019 maybe warmest decade!

This year closes out what is expected to be the hottest decade ever recorded, according to a new report by the UN. The United Nations called the past decade one of “exceptional global heat,” and stated that 2019 is likely to be the second or third warmest year on record, due to greenhouse gases from […]

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Underwater speakers to save dying reefs

Coral reefs are fascinating, but because of pollution and degradation, they are vanishing. As pollution increases, fish stop coming to reefs, and this makes them die.  Now scientists may play reef sounds underwater to attract fish to the dying reefs. This would revive them. Reefs become ghostly quiet when they are degraded, as shrimp and […]

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Kids make bus shelter of plastic bottles

A group of students from Canacona’s Satyavati Soiru Higher Secondary School built a bus shelter totally of used plastic bottles.  After years of pleas when the government refused to take notice of their demand of building a bus stop near their school at Dapot-Mashem, these 16-year-olds erected their own bus shelter.  As a statement to […]

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Pasta straw anyone?

Everyone loves a good pasta. Be it made in Pesto, Alfredo or Marinara sauce, those cheesy twisted or straight flour sticks just make our moods go yum! But what about sipping soda or milkshake from pasta? Confused? Don’t be. Bucatini is a kind of pasta which actually works like a straw. You can easily sip […]