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Food for trash anyone?

A small town in the state of Chhattisgarh has stepped up to fight plastic menace. In a novel solution to not only solve waste management but also fight hunger, Ambikapur, has set up a ‘garbage cafe’.  ‘Garbage Cafe’ opened by Municipal Corporation of Ambikapur, will offer poor people and rag pickers free food in exchange […]

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Why should we save Aarey?

While the world has been crying hoarse over the fires in the Amazon rainforest, there’s an urgent environment cause closer home.  Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. Thousands of people come here everyday to earn a livelihood and stay back in the hope of a better future. The rising population has also burdened the […]

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Woman rescues 97 stray dogs as hurricane hits Bahamas

A woman in the Bahamas opened up her home to 97 stray dogs as Hurricane Dorian battered the islands. Chella Phillips, from Nassau on the island of New Providence, said she took the animals in when she knew the storm was approaching. She posted on her social media page, “97 dogs are inside my house […]

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Greta Thunberg reaches US on green boat

We already know who Greta Thunberg is and what she’s doing. But this 16-year-old teenager is not just words, but actions too.  The youngster reached New York in a zero-carbon emissions sailing boat, completing her 15-day voyage from Britain.  Thunberg used the boat to raise awareness to the greenhouse gases emitted by the use of […]

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Is global warming reason for Indian floods?

We all have been taught in school about the irregularity of Indian rainfall. For the past few years, India has been witnessing deficit rains but this year things have changed. Not for good though.  Rains and landslides have flooded several states of the country. As Karnataka and Kerala in South India grapple with widespread destruction, […]

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Amazon is in danger, and so is Earth!

The Amazon rainforest is burning for almost three weeks now. The largest tropical rainforest in the world, Amazon produces approximately 20 percent of the oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere and is called the “lungs of the planet”. The massive fire is alarming as it not only threatens the rich biodiversity of the forest but also […]

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MTV Awards: Winners take it all!

MTV Awards: Winners take it all! The MTV Video Music Award 2019 was a highly anticipated occasion for the music industry and the world by and large! It was a spectacular star-studded night filled with great melodies, happy faces and glitz and glam.  But who won best video music award of the year? Were there […]

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Jakarta is sinking, thanks to climate change

Indonesia has announced that it is shifting its capital from Jakarta. One of the fastest-sinking cities on earth, environmental experts warn that one third of it could be submerged by 2050 if current rates continue. Jakarta is going under water by 10 inches every year. Its more than 10 million population is in trouble as […]

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Iceland mourns death of its glacier

Mourners have gathered in Iceland to commemorate the loss of Okjokull, which has died at the age of about 700. Okjokull is a glacier and it should still be around despite being 700-year-old.  But climate change cut its life short. Okjokull was officially declared dead in 2014 when it was no longer thick enough to […]