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Countries rush to open lockdown, despite several cases 

The Coronavirus cases crossed more than 3.5 million even as many countries are reopening their economies.  The US which till now has registered more than 12 lac cases and more than 73,000 deaths is urging its states to open the lockdown.  Why so? The world has been under Covid 19 threat for more than five […]

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Tour de France may be shifted again 

The Tour de France’s anticipated August 29 start date for the postponed 2020 edition has fallen under new uncertainty as the French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, banned all mass sporting events until September. However, a few hours later the French Ministry of Sport clarified that it might not affect the Tour. The 2020 Tour, originally […]

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Covid 19 cases cross 3 million, US worst-hit 

Even as many pharmaceutical companies around the world are trying to develop a vaccine for Coronavirus, the global figure of people who have tested positive has crossed 3 million already, with more than 2,00,000 reported deaths. The United States is the worst-hit nation where the positive cases are above 1 million with around 60,000 reported […]

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Chinese students get creative social distancing ideas 

Kids who have returned to a school in China are wearing specially designed “social distancing hats” to keep them safe. The creative headwear, which they’re calling a “one-metre hat”, ensures pupils returning from several months away from school, space themselves out to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Four classes of first-year pupils at Yangzheng […]

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Lockdown may continue in hotspots, Mumbai still glum 

Coronavirus cases in India crossed 30,000 with more than 1,000 deaths. The lockdown, which was supposed to end on May 3, may be extended after many state government chief ministers had a virtual meeting with the prime minister Narendra Modi. Maharashtra registered the highest number of cases which are more than 9,000 and reported more […]

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What have we learnt from this new virus 

We all know what’s happening around us because of Coronavirus. COVID-19 is a dangerous new disease caused by a new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. It spreads through human contact.  The first person ‘Patient Zero’ got it in a fresh meat market in Wuhan probably from bat meat. He or she may have shook a  friend’s hand, or […]

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Mumbai worst-hit, India fights on 

Even as India witnessed Coronavirus cases crossing 21,000 figure, Mumbai continues to be the worst-affected city with more than 3,600 cases. Mumbai tally is more than the state’s number. Maharashtra reported most number of cases in India which are beyond 5,500 now.  India has witnessed more than 600 deaths while more than 4,000 people recovered […]

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Covid 19: US leads with most number of cases 

While many states in the USA are protesting against the lockdown and want it to end, the Coronavirus cases crossed 8,40,000 in the country. The US reported more than 46,000 deaths last week.  Spain too continues to grapple with the pandemic. The European nation has reported more than 2,13,000 positive cases and more than 22,000 […]

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UK to start testing Covid 19 vaccine 

Human trials of a potential coronavirus vaccine started in the UK, however the government doesn’t want to be very optimistic and added a word of caution that “nothing about this process is certain”. The vaccine was developed by scientists at the University of Oxford who believe there is an 80 per cent chance of success. […]

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Vending machine for masks 

The Hong Kong property development conglomerate New World Development (NWD) has just launched 35 vending machines dispensing 10 million free surgical face masks in the city to help combat the coronavirus pandemic.  NWD partnered with eight local NGOs to place the machines across all 18 districts in Hong Kong, which will distribute a set of […]