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Veteran granddad helps raise millions for Coronavirus 

We all want to contribute against the fight with Coronavirus, in whatever way possible. So when a veteran who fought in World War 2 decided to raise money through his ‘walkathon’ he was expecting some £1000 pounds (almost Rs95,000). But the 99-year-old grandad was in for a surprise. Tom Moore announced a ‘walkathon’ to help […]

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Hug trees to fight loneliness 

Lockdown and isolation are tough. We crave for our friends, and it’s much more difficult for some people who are away from home and family. But Iceland has a very wholesome suggestion for citizens craving physical contact in the age of social distancing: Find the nearest tree and give it a hug. The Icelandic Forest […]

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After Goa, Manipur claims to be Covid-free 

This may seem like a small blessing but it does warm our hearts. Just a few days after Goa claimed that it had no more Coronavirus cases, northeastern state of India Manipur too claimed that it has gone Covid-free. Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh has said the state now has no COVID-19 active case […]

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Covid 19 cases have crossed 2 million globally 

Even as the countries grapple with the pandemic, the coronavirus positive cases have crossed 2 million-mark. The United States continues to report the highest number of positive cases and deaths. More than 6,40,000 cases were reported while the country registered more than 28,000 deaths.  The US president Donald Trump has stopped its aid to the […]

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Proud moment as six Indians to help revive US economy 

President Donald Trump has roped in six Indian-American corporate leaders, including Sundar Pichai from Google and Satya Nadella from Microsoft, to seek advice from the “brightest” and the “smartest” people on how to restart US economy that has been crippled by the coronavirus pandemic. President Trump has named over 200 top American leaders from various […]

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Six Indian companies working for Coronavirus vaccine 

Six Indian companies are working on a Covid-19 vaccine, joining global efforts to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus that’s infected more than 2 million people so far. Nearly 70 “vaccine candidates” are being tested globally and at least three have moved to the human clinical trial stage, but a vaccine is unlikely to […]

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Apple and Google come together to fight Coronovirus

They are rivals but have teamed up for a good cause. Silicon Valley giants Apple and Google would come together which will enable health authorities to better track COVID-19 patients, and alert people who’ve been in contact with them, which could provide significant help in containing the virus. Apple and Google will provide tools that […]

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Covid 19: Lockdown extended till May 3, India sees cases rising 

The Narendra Modi government extended the lockdown till May 3, even as the positive Coronavirus cases crossed 12,000 in the country. More than 400 deaths were reported while the number of recovered patients stays strong at around 1,500. When it comes to states, Maharashtra is leading the tally with more than 3,000 cases and 180 […]

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Clowns bring cheers to older people 

We all hate to live alone. Isolation and lockdown is making us crave company and friends. Imagine elderlies living without their families and children.  A group of clowns took it upon themselves to entertain these grandparents living in isolation in old age homes.  A group of clowns who usually entertain retirees, in their rooms at […]

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A doctor’s advice in the time of lockdown 

These are tough times, and there would be more problems ahead. But we as people need to recognise our strengths and work with hope and energy.  Dr Sunita Dube is a renowned MD radiologist and founder chairman of MedScapeIndia. She is actively involved in the fight against Coronavirus. She talked to MyCoup about the ongoing […]