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Celebrate Poetry Month

April is celebrated as Poetry Month around some parts of the world. We believe it’s a great idea! Celebrate by making verse from your print newspaper. Here are some ideas →

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Art Profile: Meet Amrita Sequeira

This week Amrita Shares her artwork with us and what motivates her.  1/ Your medium of art and what techniques do you focus on Ans: Acrylics & Knife Painting, Organic Pigment Painting, Dot Mandalas, Watercolours, Sketching & Shading basically i am a Jack-of-all kinda person. Mostly all my art is mood driven, and i never […]

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5 ways to get creative with kids

It’s difficult to make time pass when there’s so much of it. And especially with kids, it’s a tussle how to make them learn while they play. Here are a few ideas on how to creatively engage your children…Make a favourite rock Children love collecting rocks — of all sizes. Let your child choose his […]

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Bria Goeller: The artist and the storyteller

Bria Goeller is an artist from the Bay Area in California, USA. She is an artist, designer, and creator. She believes in the power of storytelling to encourage vulnerability and empathy. Bria maintains her own art practice, teaches and designs unique and sustainable ways of communicating through creative content – like graphics, portraits, custom art, […]

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Balloon ride: Illusionist soars into the sky with helium balloons

How many of you while watching the movie Up wishes that you too could fly in the sky with those balloons? Yes, we all have some time or the other wished soaring high in the sky. But there are a few who could achieve that feat. American magician and illusionist David Blaine is one such […]