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Kids+Parents= Family movies

We all like a cuddle, a warm glass of chocolate milk, some popcorn or maybe a slip into fuzzy socks… oh wait, it’s movie night we’re talking about. Yes, Disney Plus Hotstar has a lot of good movies in case you cubs want to enjoy a movie or two (or more) with your mum and […]

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10 best movies to enjoy on Netflix right now 

These movies may not be freshly off the theatres but are sure to win your hearts. These older movies on Netflix are a fun watch with family. Next week we get you a list on Hotstar too!  Hugo  Based on the YA book The Invention of Hugo Cabret, this charming film from Martin Scorsese follows […]

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Fun film for feisty Dora lovers

Change is difficult for all of us, it’s not easy to adapt to new situations and different environments. Having spent most of her life in the jungle, Dora too finds it difficult to adjust to a new High School life. Thankfully, there’s Diego for help. But as if change of place was not enough, the […]

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My nostalgia is my cub’s adventure!

The Lion King was my absolute favorite while growing up. I probably saw it at least 50 times, enjoying the animation, songs, the iconic ideology of Hakuna Matata but above all- the character that was Mufasa. James Earl Jones lends his voice to Mufasa, once again is as powerful and captivating as the original film, […]