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10 Amazing facts about Earth

While we brace ourselves for the second wave of the pandemic, let’s take a moment to marvel at the wonder that our planet is! So do you know that Earth’s core is as hot as the Sun’s surface? The temperature at the center of the Earth is the same as the temperature at the surface […]

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Documentary Review: Seaspiracy

For Parents Parents need to know that Seaspiracy is a stunning documentary about the harm of commercial fishing practices. Lots of violence to animals and animal harm is shown. We see blood, gore, and the live killing of many sea creatures like dolphins, whales, sea turtles, shrimp, sharks, and other fish, like salmon. Animated recreations […]

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In depth: Why Simlipal Reserve fire is a matter of concern

A lot had been written about the Amazon and California wildfires last year but there’s another fire raging at home too. And it’s only now that the administration has come into action. It’s been more than 10 days that a fire has been raging at Simlipal Forest Reserve and has gutted a major part of […]

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Antarctica’s first green research centre

We all know that Antarctica is the most inhospitable place to be. The researchers and scientists working there fight cold weather all round the year. It is also true that so much research needs a lot use of fossil fuel and leaves carbon footprints.  Now the Princess Elisabeth Research Station in Antarctica has become the […]

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How ice age animals got extinct

Archaeologists have found new evidence that an extraterrestrial body crashed to Earth almost 13,000 years ago that caused the extinction of many large animals. This crash also led to human population decline. The Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis proposes that an asteroid or comet hit the Earth about 12,800 years ago, causing a period of extreme […]

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New continent found!

A new continent has been discovered hidden under Southern Europe. The geologists found it after analysing all the mountain ranges from Spain to Iran in detail for 10 years. The lost continent named, Greater Adria, emerged about 240 million years ago, after it broke off from Gondwana, a southern supercontinent made up of Africa, Antarctica, […]

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Greta effect: 10 books that teach kids about nature

Don’t let them disappear  In this book, Chelsea Clinton introduces young readers to a selection of endangered animals, sharing what makes them special, and also what threatens them. Taking readers through the course of a day, Don’t Let Them Disappear talks about rhinos, tigers, whales, pandas and more, and provides helpful tips on what we […]

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#HowDareYou ignore our future !

She’s become a global voice for environmental issues. The 16-year-old Swedish girl rocked the United Nations summit on Climate Change with her impassioned speech. Greta Thunberg confronted the world leaders by saying, “How dare you?” and condemned them for failing to take strong measures to combat climate change. “This is all wrong. I shouldn’t be […]

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Meet Lilly, Thailand’s Greta Thunberg

She’s 12-year-old bubbly petite girl. But she’s at war, with plastic.  Lilly (aka Ralyn Satidtanasarn) has made it her mission to reduce the use of plastic in Thailand, where the average person uses eight plastic bags every single day. It is also the sixth largest global contributor to ocean pollution. Whether it’s for wrapping up […]

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Global Climate Strike: How’s that?

Thousands of children around the world would skip school and join in Global Climate Strike starting from today till September 22. Until now 13 cities across the country from Delhi to Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai have announced of the hosting of the event. Responding to the call of Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg, the children […]

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