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Movie Review: Over The Moon is full of warmth and hope

Science is logical. Science is facts. But science is also the hard truth, and sometimes truth hurts. Where science fails, faith creates magic. Over The Moon is the story of faith, imagination and love.  The story follows a smart, determined girl named Fei Fei. As she struggles to come to terms with the loss of […]

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Make way for Holmes, Enola Holmes!

Holmes was associated with Sherlock, until now.  There have been numerous spinoffs to the original plot of the famous Sherlock Holmes series written in the 19th century by Arthur Conan Doyle. If you have watched BBC’s famous Benedict Cumberbatch-essayed protagonist Sherlock, you must have been surprised by an entry of another Holmes. Sherlock’s elder sister […]

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In SHAUN THE SHEEP MOVIE: FARMAGEDDON, Shaun (voiced by Justin Fletcher) and his animal friends get a huge surprise when a long-eared alien (Amalia Vitale) arrives on their farm. Although the creature is more trouble than it seems, they quickly form a friendship, and it is up to Shaun to save them all from meddling […]

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Dolittle did a little too much!

Robert Downey, Jr. talks to the animals and hits a career-low in cinematic chaos that will leave children sad and confused, and adults scratching their heads. And really,  what’s with the accent? I am pretty sure kids are not going to comprehend most of it. “Dolittle” is mildly entertaining, silly and more than a little […]

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Licence to thrill 

We all love our James Bonds, Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirots. But not all spy movies are macho, cerebral and calculative. Some are fun and yes, non-violent.  Spies in Disguise may not be very high on the idea but it’s promising on delivery. Though the story is passable tale of young geeky kid helping his […]

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Don’t let it go

Elsa and Anna are back in our lives with a new story, and a journey. It has become a norm to make sequels to any and every hit movie. So when six years ago, Frozen danced its way into our, and our kids’ hearts, it kind of became obvious that this movie too would have […]

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Why so angry after all?

Angry Birds 2 is a sequel to the 2016 movie — and both were inspired by one of the best-selling mobile games of all time. Confession: Angry Bird, Rovio’s game, has been my guilty pleasure with hours dedicated to reaching different levels of expertise in demolishing the evil pigs who steal the bird’s eggs! When […]

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Rocket science made easy

With Independence Day, excitement of Chandrayaan 2 and ISRO founder Vikram Sarabhai’s 100th birth anniversary, the patriot cum Bollywood freak in me was more than excited to catch Mission Mangal. Instead of a multiplex, I decided to go to a single screen cinema along with my house help, to show her a world outside ours. […]

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Fun film for feisty Dora lovers

Change is difficult for all of us, it’s not easy to adapt to new situations and different environments. Having spent most of her life in the jungle, Dora too finds it difficult to adjust to a new High School life. Thankfully, there’s Diego for help. But as if change of place was not enough, the […]

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My nostalgia is my cub’s adventure!

The Lion King was my absolute favorite while growing up. I probably saw it at least 50 times, enjoying the animation, songs, the iconic ideology of Hakuna Matata but above all- the character that was Mufasa. James Earl Jones lends his voice to Mufasa, once again is as powerful and captivating as the original film, […]