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What is happening in Mali

Mali has been in turmoil for years, and now it has no government. Mali’s President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita  and his prime minister, Boubou Cissé, were detained along with other government officials by the country’s armed forces. The coup came in force earlier this week.  Protests and corruption  The coup was followed by months of mass […]

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Americans protests against racism 

The USA has erupted into a stream of protests after a black man named George Floyd was killed while being taken into custody by policemen. Though the policemen were suspended from duty, and one also fired from his job, the whole country has been witnessing protests for almost two weeks now.  What is racism We […]

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Why is Iraq angry?

Iraq has been rocked by protests and riots. This West Asian country, rich in oil, has been torn by multiple wars and infighting.  Thousands of people have been demonstrating in different parts of the country against corruption, unemployment and poor public services. Security forces use water cannon, tear gas, live rounds and rubber bullets to […]

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Is Hong Kong in trouble?

Hong Kong as we know today is a sprawling city lined with beautiful buildings and crowded markets. And, of course, has DisneyLand! It’s a global business hub, which means that almost all the major companies from all over the world have a factory or an unit here.  It’s just another Chinese city but enjoys freedom […]