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Taste any flavour without actually eating the food 

Scientists at the Meiji University in Japan have come up with something they call a “taste display”. The device can create the taste of any chosen flavor when it is pressed against the tongue. Humans are able to identify different flavors through the taste buds on their tongues. Taste buds have tiny openings that take […]

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SpaceX to send NASA astronauts to ISS 

The US space agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is sending its two astronauts to space, in a private spacerocket. The spacecraft — designed, built and owned by SpaceX — will eventually blast off headed for the International Space Station, the first time a private company has been used for NASA astronauts. It will also […]

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Earth’s magnetic field is getting weaker 

A part of the earth’s magnetic field is weakening, and no one really knows why.  Satellite data has revealed a rather worrying development that the magnetic field is weakening between Africa and South America. Scientists say the area known as South Atlantic Anomaly has significantly widened over the past few years. The European Space Agency’s […]

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Want to buy a space rock 

Are you a space enthusiast who keeps in wondering what’s up there and how to reach the stars? Well, maybe not reach the star but you surely can buy a piece of space rock. One of the world’s largest lunar rocks is up for sale. The Moon rock, weighing more than 13.5kg, was probably chipped […]

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NASA to send SpaceX crew on ISS next month

The US space agency NASA is set to send its astronauts on American rocket from American soil for the first time in almost a decade. The SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft will leave for the International Space Station (ISS) on May 27. NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley will fly on the SpaceX spacecraft as […]

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Facebook launches messenger app for kids 

Facebook rolled out its Messenger Kids application to 70 new countries, saying it can help children deal with the challenges of distance learning and isolation during the virus lockdowns. The app, which is aimed at children under 13, will also be adding a “supervised friending” feature enabling parents to approve new connections, starting in the […]

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Colleges shut? No problem, robots would help you graduate 

Schools and colleges are shut due to Coronavirus and it’s just not possible to venture out. This also means that many students are missing out on their year-end graduation ceremonies. But Japan has a way out.  A Tokyo university — Business Breakthrough University (BBT)— has used avatar robots to enable students to “attend” their graduation […]

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Apple and Google come together to fight Coronovirus

They are rivals but have teamed up for a good cause. Silicon Valley giants Apple and Google would come together which will enable health authorities to better track COVID-19 patients, and alert people who’ve been in contact with them, which could provide significant help in containing the virus. Apple and Google will provide tools that […]

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A ‘Wright Brothers’ moment on Mars 

An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology Bob Balaram has created a space chopper that will fly over the Martian skies. The Mars Helicopter created by him will ride to Mars this summer with NASA’s Perseverance rover. It is currently at Kennedy Space Center waiting to hitch a ride to the Red Planet this […]

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NASA reveals base camp plans on Moon 

We all know that US space agency NASA is all set to send astronauts to the Moon by 2024 under its Artemis Programme. The agency has now revealed the plan about the base camp to be set up on the Moon. One of the program’s aims is to create an “Artemis Base Camp” that will […]