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Fly and drive car is here!

The world’s first ‘fly and drive car’ was launched in Miami last week. And no, it doesn’t have a fancy name but yes it has some fancy price tag. The Pioneer Personal Air Landing Vehicle (PAL-V) costs around It’s about $599,000 (approximately Rs4,300,00,000). To date, 70 bookings have been made for this car but you […]

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Phone a frog!

We all know that climate change and loss of habitat are a threat to the existence of frogs.  But now scientists have developed a novel way to keep tabs on them in the wild — a “Frogphone.” The FrogPhone is the world’s first solar-powered remote survey device, relaying real-time data about the study site and […]

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First e-plane takes flight

The world’s first fully electric commercial aircraft has taken its inaugural test flight, taking off from the Canadian city of Vancouver and flying for 15 minutes. This aircraft which was designed in 1946 might become the first commercial electric plane. Vancouver-based Harbour Air took its “eBeaver” on a hop and showed the world a way […]

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Sundar Pichai is CEO of Google’s parent company

Sundar Pichai has been heading Google since 2015, but now he would also be the boss at its parent company. Pichai has been named the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Alphabet, which owns Google, and was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Both Page and Brin would be associated with Alphabet but would not […]

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Does astronauts’ blood flow backwards in space?

The US space agency NASA has observed a bizarre effect of human space flight: Blood going backwards in astronauts’ veins and clotting. An astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS) was carrying out an ultrasound on their body – guided by experts on the ground. An ultrasound is a scan to study inside the body. […]

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Play football with robots now

These ‘mini cheetahs’ are not just for routine work. The robots designed and made by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) showcased their football skills recently in a video released by the university. These four-legged android can now dribble a soccer ball, run and jump, not to forget the backflip.  Cheetah’s lead developer, Benjamin Katz, […]

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SpaceX launches 60 mini satellites

Your internet may just become faster. SpaceX has launched 60 mini satellites, the second batch of an orbiting network meant to provide global internet coverage. The Falcon rocket blasted from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The compact flat-panel satellites — 260 kilograms each — will join 60 launched in May. SpaceX founder Elon Musk wants to put […]

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ISS astronauts may soon eat fresh cookies!

Dried, deep-freezed food is routine meal for astronauts living on the International Space Station. But if a new experiment is successful, they may soon eat fresh,y baked cookies. The Zero-G oven built by NanoRacks — a space company that helps develop experiments for the ISS — was sent to ISS on November 2, 2019. The […]

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NASA’s robot to search for water on moon

NASA will send a golf cart-sized robot to the moon in 2022 to search for deposits of water below the surface. This is an effort to evaluate if there’s water on the moon and if it’s there, it would be helpful to the astronauts going to the moon in 2024.  The VIPER robot will drive […]

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More Earth-like planets possible in Universe

A new research suggests that there may be more earth-like planets in the universe than we thought.  A new study by UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) scientists suggests that Earth-like planets are not uncommon in the universe. The study is the first to look in detail at the chemistry of rocky exoplanets to determine […]