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Live in a bubble, for real! 

Even as social distancing is becoming a norm, the tourism industry is looking at new ways to boost their business.  A secluded retreat in South Iceland caters to guests who want to be surrounded by nature—and you will be literally immersed in it, staying in your own private bubble nestled in the forest. You can […]

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Oldest Egyptian pyramid reopens, but nobody can visit it yet 

If you’re interested in history and archeology, then this news is for you.  The Egyptian authorities have reopened the 4,700-year-old step pyramid of Djoser to the public after years of renovation. The roughly 60m-high pyramid dominates the vast Saqqara necropolis south of Cairo and is part of the ancient capital of Memphis, a Unesco World […]

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These dinosaurs are so real! 

Next time you visit England, don’t forget to pay a visit to this park. Dozens of life-size dinosaurs which roar and have realistic skin have arrived at a safari park to form a new permanent exhibition. More than 20 models, including velociraptors, a diplodocus and a T-Rex with a “terrifying roar”, will be installed in […]

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Finally, Mickey gets his own ride! 

Ever visited a Disney Park and wondered where is that Mickey ride? Yes, you guessed it right. Despite being Disney’s official mascot for more than 90 years, Mickey Mouse never had his own ride at any of the company’s theme parks.  But that’s going to change now.  Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway ride was unveiled […]

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How cheesy is that! 

In love with cheese? Read this… The world’s first cheese-themed hotel has opened in London.  The Cheese Suite, in Camden, features cheese-themed furniture, wallpaper, cushions and throws and even offers cheesy-scented soap in the bathroom. Guests are able to take selfies in front of the suite’s giant cheese installations before turning in for the night […]

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Lost and found: Cities of the world

They were famous and flourishing cities in ancient era. But got lost over a period of time. A sudden discovery or a dedicated archeologist then found these amazing lost cities of the world.  Vijayanagara, India In 1799 Scottish army officer Colin Mackenzie accidentally came across ancient ruins in the Deccan Plateau area of southern India. […]

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This underwater park is a must-visit 

Green trees, benches, pathways, flower beds… sounds like any neighbourhood park. But it isn’t. This park around Green Lake near Tragoess village in Austria turns into an underwater park every summer. Yes, you could dive into the park! The lake is surrounded by the snowed peaks of Hochschwab Mountains and forests that create a place […]

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Dharamshala: The hills are calling

Peace and fun, geography and history, shopping and chilling… if you want to explore all these things at one place, then head to Dharamshala now! Little Tibet, as the town is called, is a potpourri of diverse culture, people and food. Nestled in Himachal valleys of the great Himalayan range, Dharamshala has also become a […]

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Statue of Unity among World’s Greatest Places to visit

The 597-ft tall ‘Statue of Unity’ in Gujarat and Mumbai’s Soho House have been featured by the Time magazine in its second annual list of the 2019 World’s greatest places. This is a compilation of 100 new and newly “noteworthy destinations to experience right now”. The ‘Statue of Unity’, the world’s tallest statue, is a […]

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Know more about your neighbour Bhutan

Isolated from the world and blessed with natural beauty, Bhutan is considered as one of the most mysterious countries in the world. The United Nation recognised Bhutan as a nation only in 1974. Not that they care. Bhutanese are self contented and don’t promote tourism as they think it will affect their natural environment and […]

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