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Pro at protein

Everyday we see someone around us preaching about how protein is essential and people drinking protein shakes get enough protein. However, do you know how much protein does your body need and how to get it? Let’s have a look at the basics of protein. Why do we need protein?Amino acids are building blocks of […]

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Men also cry

Socrates, the greek philosopher, believed that heroes should not cry. It is clearly a sign of weakness. Shakespeare had clear views for men and women. Women weep, men don’t. When King Lear is unable to hold back his tears, he remarks, “ And let not women’s weapons, water drops, stain my man’s cheeks!” What a […]

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Stop, and smell the roses!

Growing up among nature and nature lovers is a blessing not all of us have. Priya Fonseca is one such blessed soul who not only learnt and loved nature while she was growing up, but enhanced those habits even after her marriage. Brought up by nature-loving father and married into the family of Dr Salim […]

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Listings: Have a fun-filled week

What: Jungle Book The TreasureWhen: Saturday, 14th September 2019 | 5PMWhere: Odeum, Crystal Point Mall, Link Road, MumbaiBy: Lakshmi Narayan ProductionFor:  3+ age groupCost: Rs 400 onwards What: I, CloudWhen: Saturday, 14th September 2019 | 7:30 PMWhere: St. Andrews Center For Philosophy And Performing Arts, Bandra West, MumbaiBy: STORY CIRCUSFor: 8+ age groupCost: Rs 300 […]

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Runner who makes art on the way!

What’s the relation between running and art? A lot if you ask Lenny Maughan. For the past four years, Lenny Maughan has been turning his routes into art. His paths through the city of San Francisco are carefully chosen so that, viewed on a map, they form illustrations of everything from a simple heart shape […]

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Mini Sun on Earth!

A team of researchers created their own miniature sun in the lab — complete with its own electromagnetic field and ultrahot plasma. Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison constructed the 3-meter-wide (10 feet) aluminum vacuum chamber, which they dubbed “the Big Red Ball,” to re-create some of the solar physics that take place in and […]

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Jack Ma retires. Why you should know him

The man who brought e-commerce revolution in China is saying goodbye to the company he started. Jack Ma has resigned from the post of executive chairman of Alibaba. CEO Daniel Zhang will be the new head of the company. The retirement celebration was a big bash at an Olympic-sized stadium in the company’s hometown of […]

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US Open: 19th Grand Slam for Nadal

What a five-hour match it was! Rafael Nadal prevented a remarkable comeback of Deniil Medvedev to win his 19th Grand Slam and 4th US Open. Now he’s just shy of one Grand Slam to match the record of Roger Federer.  The Spaniard won the title by 7-5 6-3 5-7 4-6 6-4 in a tightly-watched match.  […]

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Highlights: Modi in Russia

India shares a special friendship with Russia. The two countries have stood together at each other’s time of need. Having a superpower at her side is an advantage for India as it makes the world listen to what we say. It is also beneficial to Russia as India is a rising superpower with technological advances […]

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Why should we save Aarey?

While the world has been crying hoarse over the fires in the Amazon rainforest, there’s an urgent environment cause closer home.  Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. Thousands of people come here everyday to earn a livelihood and stay back in the hope of a better future. The rising population has also burdened the […]