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All about Warli Painting

A few weeks ago we talked about ancient art when people of different regions and continents used to draw symbols on rocks and cave walls to communicate a message. Similarly the region of Maharashtra in India had this style of painting called Warli.  Warli painting is literally drawing with chalk, loose white clay or rice […]

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Different forms of art in India

Happy New Year to all you lovely people! I hope your year is full of good health, fun adventures and lots of learning. Since it is the new year, now let’s start a new series on the various kinds of art in India. Pichwai, Warli, Tanjore, are some of the paintings that have been used […]

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Going bananas over art

Mourizio Cattelan and his Hyper Realistic Sculptures Banana stuck on the wall with a duct tape is Art! And the first two sold for $120,000 (approximately Rs 86,00,000) whereas the third one was for $150000 (approximately Rs 1,00,00,000).  To understand this idea we must go back to the style of this particular artist. Born on […]

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The Fibonacci Sequence

Did you get a chance to make Fractal design by yourselves? In continuation to that let’s talk about the famous Fibonacci Sequence. It’s a simple calculation of sequences we get by adding the previous numbers. Let’s see! The first number we take is 1. Second number will again be 1. Third number will be addition […]

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Mathematics and Art

How many of us are geniuses at Math? It’s the basis of whatever transaction that happens in our daily lives. One big aspect of it is Fractals! Fractals are complex yet simple patterns of shapes that are used in different proportions and are linked with each other to create beautiful designs. Simple because each form […]

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Correlation between Science and Art

Science is logical and structured; studied at a micro level as well as a macro level. It has given insightful studies of the evolution from cells to growing and living organisms through its entire life span, and thereafter. This could be as small as microorganisms like bacteria and as diverse and vast as animals, humans, […]

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Pillars of art

We have learnt about the history of art, traditions of art all around the world… Artists from India who have made a mark internationally in their lifetime. But what are the pillars of art? Why do some art have figures and some are just colours? Some have different mediums and some are only made with […]

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The Raja of paintings

Raja Ravi Varma was a celebrated painter of India in the 18th century. He was born in the Royal family of Travancore region. He got  married at the age of 14 and had five children.  Being from the Royal family greatly influenced his aesthetic and broader social style. His paintings were about the strong yet […]

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Universe in a dot

What do you do when (or if ever) your teacher punishes you in class? Have you ever misbehaved? This child we are talking about today used to be very mischievous and used to daydream a lot during his school days. So his teacher used to make him sit on one side of the class facing […]

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The master of abstract, VS Gaitonde

Do you know what it is like to think out-of-the box and create a path-breaking style? Well… most of these famous artists featured in the current series have made a mark for themselves and have been just that. Vasudeo S Gaitonde is known as India’s foremost abstract painter. Gaitonde was from a very humble background […]