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Know more about Afrikan Kingdom

It is well known that all races around the world were born from African genes. The commencement of the first Homo Sapiens was in the African region. Interaction among humans, vocal language, painting on the rocks to give out messages of hunting and cattle, using natural resources for survival of the race, making fire was […]

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The ancient kingdom of Egypt 

Let’s go to Ancient Egypt this week to see how and when the kingdoms were created. You know a few centuries ago, while Neanderthals who were the species before HomoSapiens (Us) were living in caves, they realised they needed a solid structure to shelter themselves from harsh winds, spine chilling winter or scorching sun. They […]

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The revered kingdom of France 

Homo Sapiens were one of the first set of genes that were capable of artistic expression. No matter which part of the world we were located in, we used the natural elements surrounding us to make sense of the findings and use them as adornments. Architecture: The French people had their own ways of finding […]

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How Indian kings used to preserve their heritage with Art! 

Architecture: The Architecture of Ancient India gives us guidance of the natural phenomena of the earth’s life force and functional use of these structures.  ~ The mystery of Ajanta caves. ~ Taj Mahal ~ The Humayun Tomb. the grandeur of the Vijayanagara Empire- ~ Hampi. ~ Lord Buddha gained enlightenment- Mahabodhi Temples. ~ An ode […]

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Artists find novel way to showcase their work 

No art galleries? No problem, we can use balconies instead. This seems to be the mantra of Berlin artists bogged down by the lockdown due to the Coronavirus.  Some 50 Berlin creatives showed their works on balconies and windows as creative messages of solidarity during the coronavirus lockdown. The spontaneous DIY project, called “Life, art, […]

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How did kings and kingdoms preserve their heritage through Art? 

During the rule of Kings and Queens, the method of communication was very limited. There were human messengers, written scrolls, word of mouth and Art. Using Art as a method was used to pass down legendary stories through many many states and countries as well as generations. Lets learn about how different countries and kingdoms […]

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Alternative art supplies 

Hope all the kids and their loved ones are safe in these times. You know one of the biggest lessons we are learning so far is that in reality we are self sufficient. We as humans don’t need much to sustain and live a long and healthy life. All the materials we have around us […]

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Make your own colours 

How many of you raided your mom’s nail paint boxes? That was still ready made. Today we will learn to make colours of our own using natural products. Did you know in ancient times artists used to make their own paints to get that right shade of red or blue or yellow. Even in present […]

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Nail polish for art! 

Could you use Nail Polish to paint on different surfaces besides your nails? Absolutely yes! It is a sort of tarnish based paint after all. Other than the ‘nail art’ we have all seen or tried on ourselves, we can paint rough or smooth pebbles, shells, your headphone cord, base or sides of your shoes […]

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Shoe polish: A medium of making art! 

We have read about Child prodigies from all around the world and our own country. How fascinating is it to see young minds create such extraordinary work. How about we talk about different mediums of making art. We know painting can be done with acrylic colours on canvas. Oil paints on canvas, wood, tin, aluminum. […]