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Art column: Young prodigy from Pune

Meet young art prodigy from Pune A big inspiration for young and adults and pride of India. For young Advait, his fanciful world of galaxies, dragons and everything vivid is very much real. He channelizes this fantastic imagination through the canvas in colours and combinations that are well beyond his years. The word “prodigal” fits […]

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A prodigy lost too soon! 

Edmund Thomas Clint (1976–1983) was an Indian child prodigy known for having drawn over 25,000 paintings during his short life of less than seven years.  Yes! That’s correct! Imagine painting nonstop and serving your highest purpose. He loved painting Hindu festivals and traditional events near his home in Kochi. When he died of kidney failure […]

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Rubik Monalisa sells for record price 

A Mona Lisa as puzzling as the smile of Leonardo da Vinci’s muse – made out of nearly 300 Rubik’s Cubes – sold for nearly half a million euros.  The unique item was up for auction in Paris on Sunday evening. Created by the French street artist Franck Slama, famous for the pixelated Space Invader […]

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Just that everyone else thinks that except for herself.

The story began when Marla was about 2-year-old and asked her father, Mark, if she could paint. Mark gave her some canvas and a brush and said, “Go play.” Mark took up painting shortly after his father’s death. Although he did not pursue it as a passion or career, the experience sure rubbed off on […]

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“Aelita Andre is modern art!”

Aelita is a 13-year-old girl who is a prodigy in the art world already. Born in Melbourne, Australia in 2007, she has even shown her paintings at the prestigious Art Basel in Wynwood Miami Kids section and is applauded by various people from around the world. Aelita started painting when she was 9 months old. […]

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Meet Mikhail, the young artist! 

We have been learning about different forms and styles of paintings that have evolved over years in various regions of India. Let us deviate a little and see what ‘young ones’ around the world are up to. What I mean is, boys and girls who are not even in middle school yet, are making fabulous […]

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Know more about Pattra Chitra Painting 

Influenced from Kalamkari Painting, Pattra or Patta Chitra painting is similarly influenced in Odisha and West Bengal to create a style of story telling using images and words. Pattachitra art form is known for its intricate details as well as mythological narratives and folktales inscribed in it. Think 5th century comic books but with religious […]

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All about Kalamkari Painting

Kalamkari is an ancient style of hand painting on textile or a wood block. This is a very intricate style of painting that requires a lot of attention to detail and patience. ‘Kalam’ means pen and ‘Kari’ means work. Various dark colored ink and drawing motifs like paisleys, linear shapes, flowers, animals, humans or even […]

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All about Tanjore Painting 

Tanjore is a style of painting from the town of Thanjavur in Southern part of India. During the 1600s, the resources found and extracted from within the earth was in abundance. The kings, merchants, and elite class quickly realized the potential of gold, the malleable precious metal that can be used in various ways from […]

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This Doodle Boy was punished for his art 

Joe Whale loved scribbling and drawing on his textbooks. And though his sketches gained praise, they mostly were also the reason for him being punished. You can’t keep doodling on your maths and English notebooks in class, can you? And need to listen to teachers, especially when you’re a 10-year-old kid.  But his parents took […]